Vacare Adamare (2020)

You may notice that this reviews section is not the traditional review of an album where we give it maximum stars (or zero!). Rather, the aim is to suggest to readers who they might really love to listen to. It is with pleasure that Aimee Osbourne comes to mind as someone it is always interesting to catch, and (although often overshadowed by her family and their exploits) she has always taken her own path in life.

It could be argued that Aimee is the most interesting of the family, as she opted out of the reality television show that brought fame to her siblings. Aged only sixteen she left the family home as she found the cameras too intrusive, it set her on her own course and where Kelly and Jack have been able to use the show to boost their profile, Aimee has stuck firmly to her own path.

Her 2020 Album Vacare Adamare (with her label Make Records) is available from a variety of download platforms There was also a vinyl album version made of this, but I have never been able to track one down, and would love to find one!

The album is a ten track outing, if you like a bit of Goth Synth then Beats of My Heart has a lot of dance floor potential, a whimsical beat and a distinctive vocal, haunting and instinctive. This is my own favourite on a strong album.

Do not expect heavy metal, Aimee is moving differently to what may be expected, but Pisces Lie has a strongly tribal beat as Aimee sings about the one who made her life a living hell. You have to have had in your life that person who was the vicious and cruel nightmare she lyrically kicks to be able to truly appreciate the tune. What Aimee does effectively is infuse herself into the music; it’s not too late for her to push that person to their intended fate!

Choir Day turns the drums on to the beat of the witch. When our shop comes out in a couple of months there will be a range of witch/goth T-Shirts and some interesting new designs. I think this song could be a montage for the designs; it belongs in a film version of Macbeth, perhaps with the witch’s scene!

Should you want the haunting and the minimal then Ghost would be the one to listen to. It is the type of track to be sung in a small club with the smoke swirling, and this girl can sing!

There are no stars placed again in this review, but I absolutely recommend it, download it from the links here and you will be taken into the world of a fine singer with a wealth of talent. I really hope that Aimee gets on the road in 2022 as she would be a singer I would love to see live, and taking you all back to 2020 with this album sets out to show that it deserves a lot more attention in the post lockdown world of 2022. The below clips show her last single

House of Lies and an earlier single Raining Gold, should you wish to track back and catch up with some of her back catalogue.

Mark Craster-Chambers.