This new EP released by Holly Munro is now out on all platforms and includes the single “Out of Style.” It runs for 13 minutes and has 4 songs. 

Holly Munro is an Irish musician reshaping indie pop with her captivating vocals and distinct songcraft.  “A Crescendo Ending,” released on June 21st, is her sophomore EP and includes previous singles ‘Out of Style’, ‘Dead Ends’ and ‘New Years Moon’, as well as the unheard track ‘First Prize’. “A Crescendo Ending” harnesses Holly’s real strength as a songwriter by embracing a warm production and a close look into her unique perspective. 

I intend to listen to the music and let its warmth flow over me. Holly takes me toward Enya and that feeling for storytelling. She develops a series of songs that explore the transitions from youth to adulthood, discovering who we are. As an artist, she fuses electro with folk and her ear for melody and sweetness in the vocals is pleasing.


My review:

“Dead Ends” -it is instantly interesting to find a song led by the simplest of drum beats turned up in the mix.”I don’t Wanna leave these footprints,” sings Holly. It is a dreamy track, akin to sitting on the edge of the sea on a warm day and allowing the waves to wash your feet. 

“Out of Style” starts up with a slightly funky feel, with the drums again taking us into the narrative. It has the feel of late late night radio, where you drift and touch the day that’s gone, with tomorrow still out of reach. 

“New Year’s Moon” I liked a lot. It’s soft melody, light touch and upbeat feel lifted the spirits of this reviewer. I loved the vocal delivery as well, with Holly showing a deftness of touch in the song.

“First Prize,” the new single, runs at 2.49. Holly says, “‘First Prize’ is about longing to be connected to something somewhere that is bigger than myself, and the fear that can come with being unable to articulate what that is.”

It has an uplifting chorus, simple vocal harmony and a gentle underpinning beat. 

Overall, this EP was enjoyable night listening; it was music to slip into with a nice cup of tea.

Standout track: “New Year’s Moon” – it was beautiful.

You can download the EP here

Speaking of the EP, Holly reveals, “A Crescendo Ending feels really personal to me. It’s a collection of songs that I wrote on my favourite nylon guitar, after moments of meditation or reflection while sitting on my bed. In terms of the recording, we tracked everything live, with only a few overdubs – the intention was for the EP to sound more in line with how the songs were actually written, as opposed to my last EP, which had a bigger production. ‘Out of Style ‘and ‘New Years Moon’ explore themes of communication and introspection, while ‘Dead Ends’ and ‘First Prize’ delve into vulnerability and longing. Overall, the EP is an exploration of personal growth and vulnerability.”

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By Lorraine Foley