SEVI are:

Svetlana Bliznakova, vocals

RallyVelinov, bass

Stone Angel, guitars

Peter Petrov, drums

This album was actually released in November 2023, but it has only recently come across my horizon, so to speak. SEVI is Bulgarian based, but they are looking to expand those frontiers and have expectations that this could be the driving force behind taking their music into markets such as the UK and US. With the band talking about UK shows in November 2024, Robin 2 in Wolverhampton for December, link here for tickets; and the Troon Winter Storm Festival in Scotland at the end of November already announced, it seemed appropriate to visit “Genesis” and provide some thoughts!

More dates will be appearing, so check the bands website for ongoing dates (link at end of review).

SEVI has already opened for Europe, Hollywood Vampires, Black Stone Cherry, EPICA, Tom Keifer, Nightwish and Evanescence in Sofia.

Commenting on the album, the band say,

“Genesis” represents our emotions, feelings and beliefs during the past 3 to 4 years in the dynamic of this strange world that we all live in.  We illustrated some of these emotions through the six singles that we chose to release. The album also marks the “genesis” of our sound, ideas and line-up!”

SEVI: Band phote Dimitar Kichukov

On with the review:

Running at 12 songs, just over 42 minutes.

Intro: plays a few gentle notes on the xylophone (I think!) with some atmospheric buildup of sounds behind. It’s a short little intro!

“Ghosts” then ramps up the energy with a highly polished and commercial rock sound that would sound great on rock radio. It is driving music, really, not done real justice while I’m sitting on my sofa with my cat! I like the vocals from Svetlana; the vocals lift and carry over the guitar riffs, solidly delivered.

“Shattered” is a little heavier in guitar sound; the drum sound is a great anchor for the melody, and I would probably have had them a little higher in the mix. The track has an interesting, almost choral, break in the middle section. It also features a fine guitar break, showing these guys can really play. It’s the longest track on the album and it allows a showcase of their style.

“Insane” arrives with a clear fantasy-style prog . rock lyric, complete with heroes and forgotten love, fairy tales and danger. My son came in when this one was playing (he’s 15 and learning the drums), he really liked it and commented that the drums were banging on the nail (guest drummer Enrico Valente was on this track). He’s good for sure.

“Dark Knight” has a lighter touch. It has a fine chorus and is one that you retain after hearing the album, humming the melody. It’s an enjoyable listen, and I played it through a couple of times.

“Unreality” is a heavy track, although the vocals provide a lightness over those heavy-sounding guitars. Svetlana clearly has a great voice, full of power and the ability to get to those high notes. I wonder if there is some classical training in there somewhere.

“Genesis” is the title track of the album. It is interesting in how the vocals mix and the heavy riffs connect to this heavy beat. It has a great guitar break mid section that sounds pretty ace.

“The Spell” opens in a great way; check it out! Fast, lethal guitars and belting drums! It reminds me, guitar-wise, of early Vinnie Vincent. It’s a prog rocker, a little belter.

“Hate you,” as the title possibly suggests, is full of angst and I have to say I liked the lyrics on this one a lot! Great chorus, and quite a lot of fun! I kind of know the sentiment here, tongue in cheek and commercial. 

“Drowning” is a ballad. It is a gritty ballad with a really good chorus, some nice harmony singing and a decent beat. I liked it. It ft. Johnny Gioeli. 

“Higher Than the Stars” features Mirka Rantanen and Alexandra Zerner and is a decent commercial prog rocker. This is very airwave-friendly, and another track that I am sure rock radio would do well to grab.

“World That Doesn’t Fit” is a musical lament to complete the album. Perhaps I would have swapped the last two tracks in the running order. This is an interesting track, definitely another very strong delivery. It also has a great video, linked below.


I ended up liking this album a lot. Interestingly, and everything is subjective in these things, I felt it really picked up mid-album. It had a great run of tracks, from “The Spell” through to “Drowning”. I think, clearly, this is a band with a great future and they have the musical chops to make more than a few waves when they come to the UK later this year.

Standout tracks: “The Spell,” “Hate You,” “Drowning,” and “Ghosts.”

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You can stream the album here

Band Website here


By Stevie Ritson

Album Credits:

Music & Arrangements:

Svetlana Bliznakova

Rally Velinov

Alexandra Zerner

Alexander Kirilov


Svetlana Bliznakova,

Featuring Artists:

Johnny Gioeli (vocals – track 9)

Mirka Rantanen (drums – track 10)

Alexandra Zerner (music – track 10; keys & guitars – track 2,8,9)

Enrico Valente (drums – track 1,3,5,6,7)

Nikolay Petkov (co-writing – track 8)

Bambi Nikiforov (drums – track 2)

Mix & Mastering:

Marco Barusso

Kane Churko (track 8)

Recorded in Sofia, Bulgaria


Borislav Mishev