Accomplished British country music singer-songwriter Andrew Jones has released his latest single, “Back to the Start.”  

Collaborating with Nashville musician and producer Smith Curry, and Jamie Masters of Echo Studios, UK, has resulted in an uplifting, impeccable recording, capturing Andrew’s emotion. A traditional country sound, a lyrical story and instrumental licks and fills that will remain in the listener’s head. 

We do love to cover the international country scene here, and there is nothing better than the stories great country music weaves. So it is a pleasure to discuss the man and his music with Andrew himself. We started with the background to the single.

Andrew: “I wrote this song during a pretty rough time in my relationship, and I think in these times of struggle, when you think you need a way out, all you really want is to re-find that spark and the feeling you had at the beginning…when every moment with the person was new and exciting.


Country music is always, in our view, about narrative storytelling and this is an aspect of this new song of yours. I guess this is a sad song. Do you try to work aspects of stories into your lyrics, and would you ever consider a few interconnected songs lyrically?

Andrew: Real songwriting is storytelling, in my opinion. Take the music away and it’s a poetic story. It’s definitely something I try to do when I write, singing about my experiences and hopefully evoking a response from the listener who might be going through something similar or prompting that memory of a specific milestone. I can write a drinking song as well but even that tends to have moments of story in it.

In “A Little Help from My Friends,” The Beatles asked whether we believe in love at first sight—do you?

Andrew: I think that term is an easier way to explain “love at first meeting” than love at first sight. It’s such a powerful emotion but with my ugly mug, I need a chance to talk to the other party first to showcase my fabulous sense of humour. 🤣

There seems to be a huge upswing in interest in country music in the UK at the moment. I think in the UK, our country musicians have more freedom to play around with the genre a bit more, as we are away from the purists, who seem to be more vocal stateside. Am I correct in thinking that you were originally in a rock band? And have you brought that sound forward into your music now?

Andrew: I’ve always been a country artist, and my previous band was country as well. I started when I was about 22 and we definitely targeted a rock crowd with the songs we wrote and covers we performed—more of a country rock vibe for sure and my voice definitely suits the country style.

Do you have plans for live performances in the remainder of 2024? And do you include cover tracks in your live set as well? If so, how do you approach a cover song? Do you try to stay faithful to the original, or do you feel you need to make a song your own?

Andrew: Lots of gigs are coming up over the summer, with some all day festivals and events all over the country as well. I include about 50–60% covers in my live sets, ranging from country-style modern pop variations (Lewis Capaldi and Teddy Swims), classic rock covers (Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles and Motley Crue) and modern country covers as well. I try to do them all in a style I feel comfortable with and to be honest, as it’s usually just me and an acoustic guitar, I try to let my vocals do the work as I’m not the best guitarist.

What is your instrument of choice for songwriting?

Andrew: Definitely an acoustic guitar, I have a beautiful Yamaha CPX1000 in translucent black. I had it for about 10 years now. I started learning piano as well but since my little boy came along, I’ve not had time to get back to it.

Country music comes with a certain image, which the female musicians in the genre often use to their advantage. Do you consciously try to connect to that image side of the genre or not?

Andrew: I’ve always been a trucker hat and Timberland boots kind of guy and that’s about as far as my “country” styling goes. Nothing against anyone dressing up for it with full-brim Stetson and pointed-toe boots. Just not for me. But I do love to see it in a crowd when I’m performing.

What plans musically can you share with us for the rest of 2024?

Andrew:  So I’ve been writing a few more songs over the last couple of years. To be honest, the birth of my little boy really prompted a different avenue of emotions and writing. It’s a big cost to release new music so hopefully I’ll get another one out this year.

And, last question, what was the last album you listened to from beginning to end, and did you enjoy it?

Andrew: The last album I listened to was actually “A Rock by Hardy.”. I traveled up to Leicester for a gig on Saturday and listened to it on route. There are definitely some great songs on it and it is an album I go back to frequently.

Our review of “Back to the Start: This is a story-driven country track that screams out to be played on mainstream radio. It has a lift up to a chorus that rips along and the whole piece has a confident sway and a life of its own. Who can listen to this and not want to sing along to it? Who can listen to this and not be uplifted by the melody? He could serenade me at any time! (review by Lorraine Foley)

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You can stream the music of Andrew Jones from here

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By Benny (the Ball) Benson

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