Will Wilde: Vocals, Harmonica

Steve “The Beak” Brook: Guitar, Backing Vocals

Jack Turnbull: Bass

Alan Taylor: Drums

Bad Luck Friday’s self-titled debut album is released by Wilde Fire Records on Friday 2 September 2022.

Inside every reviewer there is a 14-year-old self struggling to find a way back, and (to be honest) 14 came and went a long time ago! However, listening to Bad Luck Friday with their debut album takes me back to sitting in my bedroom in my teenage years with a mass of rock vinyl, and this would have sat quite happily alongside a Dio or Whitesnake

Musically, there are a few standouts, and the album becomes more unique through some mean (and unexpected) harmonica playing–check out “Best of Me.” But, then again, Will Wilde is known for his harmonica playing, and he’s damn good.

Genre for this would be heavier side blues rock, “Mistress” very much hits that groove, lyrically moving into the world of the Dominatrix. It is one of those tracks that pounds along with a decent beat, and the band has a strong bass and drum sound in the mix, with the harmonica again delivering at the fore, providing a unique identity for the outfit.

It’s a solid debut, if you want the blues then listen to “Low Down Dirty”

I got them low down

Low down dirty blues

Lost my woman, my money and my mind

What more have I got to lose?

This is, without a doubt, the most straight blues number on the album. It belongs in a Southern blues bar and It’s meant to be humorously ironic, playing on B.B. King’s lyrics  on “How Blue Can You Get,”  which served as inspiration.

Everybody is different, and my highlights, above, may not be yours. The single “Bad Luck Friday” rocks away with a solid groove. The band was apparently named after the song! It’s a more than decent hair rocker, again lifted by interesting touches of melody. My problem comes in the early tracks with a bit too much (for my personal taste) of selling souls to the devil, hell, and evil. I get that “666 at the Crossroads” is a fine rocker, but I find these less interesting lyrically than those I mentioned earlier. I think the teenage me listening to Dio would have liked it, I’m less sure now. But again, this band can really play, and keep a strong melody and catchy sound throughout.

Do I like it? Yes, it’s a sound debut album from a band who are a really talented bunch of musicians, they will be an exciting presence on the blues/rock circuit with a wide appeal. I’ll watch out for them and hope to see them on tour. Check out the single in the link, and the official video is here. They are a new, classy, UK blues/rock band that is going to be remembered in the long term for quality musicianship and a mean harmonica. Those are the standout features.

Recorded at PA Studios and Brighton Road Studios, Brighton

Produced by Steve Brook

Mixed and mastered by Paul Winstanley

Photography by Gili Dailes

By: Stevie Ritson

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