We spoke to Hilla Peer a while back. How time flies! I have linked our feature at the end of this review. Hilla is a delightful interviewee who combines a busy life looking after her children with a musical career that blends reworking some classic tracks and introducing us to some new songwriting of her own. She did a lovely track called “Remind Me Who I Am” that is really worth a stream!

In this new track, she combines with Kenyan based musician Pole Classic.

This new single has that wonderful laid back groove that comes with hot weather and lapping water. The video takes us into beaches and dreams, with a message that says your dreams need to be big enough. 

It has a modern commercial sound that would do well on smooth radio or would play well on evening listening. The dual vocals work well, they move seamlessly between the two, each vocal adding something to the pot and the song has a gentle melody and sway to it that showcases a song for summer.

Hilla told us about her songwriting: “I write on the piano, usually just starting with a hum, a melody, and I sing to myself the melody, maybe recording it on my phone, and then I turn to the piano. I would then develop it and add the lyrics, but I start by singing to myself.”

It is a track that I will certainly listen to again and the link to stream it is here for you. It is out now on all platforms.

Hilla is an independent artist, she has been performing live recently around her home base and we look forward to seeing and hearing more from her soon.

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By Lorraine Foley