Sometimes its good to remember the mission statement this magazine set out with: to bring musicians we really enjoy to wider attention!

Sometimes, artists approach us and ask us to have a listen, and now and then we have a little voyage of self-discovery! This is one of those latter occasions when one of the editors, Mark in this case, fired me over the track without any press release and asked me to sort the review. So in this case, I am running blind with only the music to guide me.


However, with a little research, Larkly is a singer-songwriter, based in Germany, releasing her first four songs in 2024. After singing for her whole life and a career as a filmmaker of documentaries, she decided to release her material to the wide world. She chose to name herself after a lark because she thinks they have a lot in common: getting up early, singing very loudly while being rather tiny! She does an interesting cover of “Big in Japan” that you can find on YouTube, a stripped down acoustic version that is well worth a listen!

Apparently, the single is about that inner person we all have that wants to do the wrong thing, and the video is shot in the club where many of the ideas came from.

Review: There is a lot of sound here that reminds me of Amy Winehouse; it has a pop/jazz feel to it, is very simple in melody, and is extremely effective too. Lyrically, the song contemplates how “drunken me knows best how to ignore that I’m just one of your conquests.” It is a bittersweet song. Is she angry with herself more than with him? The video is shot as a form of conversation between Larkly and herself, and it works!

I want to hear more, and for me, that is usually a very good indication that the song connects. This is the first round, and I am ready for the next!

You can download the single here

By Lorraine Foley

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