Nushka has released her new single, “Adipoli,” and she is an artist we like here at the magazine, so I wanted to check out the track for you all. Of further interest is that she is collaborating again with another of our friends here, Doctor Lincoln, who is producing again (he recently reworked her last single, “Queen Bee”). 

Nushka told us, “Doctor Lincoln and I were chatting about how we wanted to make more music together. I sat down to write, and “Adipoli” came out. It just clicked for both of us.”

At first listen, we felt here at the magazine that it represented something of a movement away from her last releases. Perhaps on a second play, that is not so much the case. However, Nushka says of the track:

“I wouldn’t necessarily say it’s a change of direction. I don’t know if I’m capable of sticking to one general genre or style. It was just the music that came to mind when I started writing the lyrics, and we built on what sounded right.”

Nushka decides to belly flop from the top straight into her new single. This moves her sound into a slightly hard-to-box musical territory, it moves between a techno vibe with some ska and general mayhem thrown in. From her earlier disquiet over how her earlier singles were produced, Nushka is clearly at ease with Doctor Lincoln at the helm, the production is crisp and places the vocals to the fore. The funky commercialism of “On Repeat” has morphed, but the word play remains. I do actually see Nushka as a bit of a wordsmith, and I remain impressed by her inclusion of the word ‘conundrum’ in an earlier track. This time, the words nicely accompany the rhythm of the piece, hanging on the edge and ready to drop.

I firmly would like to see the single do well, and please support the artist by streaming the single on the link below. For me, an acid test of a song is whether I want to hear it again, and I do want to hear this again. Nushka continues to squeeze the lemon of success, and I would love to see her get an EP out into the world!

I was also looking for one of her videos for this, but apparently none are on the way just yet.

“That was the plan! But time and resources have not been on my side, so it’s temporarily on hold.”


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You can download the single, and other tracks by Nushka here

By: Lorraine Foley