Introductions may be in order for this single! So, let me introduce First Time Flyers, a group who debuted last year and have already supported Jamie Lawson and Bruce Springsteen, as well as selling out their own headline tour and playing festivals like C2C, Carfest and The Long Road Festival.

First Time Flyers are Vicki Manser, Jake Morrell, Poppy Fardell and Tim Prottey-Jones and they deliver feel-good melodies wrapped in the warmth of 4-part harmony. The band launched to rave reviews at the C2C Festival in 2023.

Their latest single, ‘Jump’, is out June 28th via Lookout Mountain Records, a joyful barnstorming country song celebrating love in all its forms –  based around vocalist Vicki Manser’s journey of finding happiness in her identity as a queer woman.

The video for the single, which we can’t put up yet, but I’ve watched it and its so much fun, was shot in a dusty barn in the grounds of the exclusive health resort Champneys. As Tim recalls, “It had been raining the days prior to the shoot, and to get to the barn, we had to cross a muddy field. We got some strange looks from the guests at reception when we turned up to use the toilet caked in mud and dust!”

Vicki still teaches at musical theatre colleges and the cast of the video is made up of students past and present who have been taught the ‘Jump’ routine to accompany the song!

Produced again by band member Tim Prottey-Jones, who says, “Jump is 2 minutes and 10 seconds of pure energy, drawing influences from songs like Dasha’s ‘Austin’ and even ‘Texas Hold Em'”.

Guitarist and vocalist Jake adds, “We weren’t really hearing UK country acts adopting this sound so we thought, let’s give it a go!”

Before turning to the new single “Jump,” I feel the need to mention how much I really like their previous song “Gold,” which has been sitting in my playlist for a while now. “Gold” has this confident strut about it, almost olympian, (!) and it really shows why this band is gaining so much attention in the country circles right now.


Moving on, I do the reviews for country music here at the magazine and when people ask me why I like country music so much, I say it because of the infectious melodies, the storytelling in the songs and the ability to put a smile on my face as a listener. Listening to this one, my little son was bouncing his way around the room doing a line dance with his mum, so that has to be a good sign. It’s an infectious, feel good melody, a smile written all over it. The message is clear, don’t feel afraid of rejection when you love, jump in and see what happens. Or as The Beatles once sang – ‘Do you believe in a love at first sight? Yes, I’m certain that it happens all the time.”

Jump in and stream this single country, fans, you won’t regret it. The link here connects to the streaming of their music.

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The band has also announced Jump On Tour Part 1.

Happening in September 2024, the band are playing three shows. Tickets are available here, dates are below:

Sept 10thBirminghamHare & Hounds 2
Sept 13thLondonThe Lower Third
Sept 18thManchesterDeaf Institute Lodge

By Lorraine Foley