What is it about June for music releases? It’s suddenly become so busy over here in the reviews section of the magazine that I can’t keep up! However, I have made some space in the day for Croatian blues/rock band Voodoo Ramble, featuring Boris Zamba and special guest Muddy Manninen (Wishbone Ash/Black Pearl), who released their new single “Midnight Ride” on June 1st. 

We do get some background on the piece from the release sheet. The European Blues Challenge finalists, Voodoo Ramble, are led by vocalist/guitarist Boris Zamba.

The band is known for guitar-led songs with vivid imagery and a groove laden style that incorporates rock, blues and soulful Southern rock influences.

As Boris says: “The Allman Brothers were where it all started for me.”

‘Midnight Ride’ is the latest collaboration between Boris Zamba and lyricist Pete Feenstra, with special guest the expressive guitar playing of Muddy Manninen.

Boris says: “Muddy’s mixture of electric guitar, lap steel guitar and fill-ins gave the song a new dimension. We started with Pete’s evocative lyrics, which I call “unearthly, as they create an experience even without the music. So when it came to actually building the music around the narrative, it was a real joy.”

Dragutin Smokrovic, aka ‘The Fig’, gave the track its sonic depth with his mixing, mastering and production. Above all, he really captured the intensity when I went head-to-head with Muddy.”

Pete adds: “For me, this is the perfect example of when lyrical imagery magically turns into music. I had this nebulous film noir idea set in old Victorian era docks with creaking boats and the need to escape, before Boris and Muddy magically transformed it into a Southern rock biker anthem.”


The review: That intro to the song is worth the admission, I’m pleased I’m plugged into the headphones as I move the volume up. 

“Shiver and shakin’ all night long,

Sailors’ fighting at the break of dawn,

Look to the moon, for a change in the tide,

We’ll make our escape, on a midnight ride.”

We are in blues rock territory, with a swagger and an open road. The chorus (above) provides a melody and when the moon is in the night sky, the guitars slide into a bluesy riff. It’s a song that inspires a late night ride on a motorcycle that I don’t have (but my brother does, so maybe I’ll call him?!). I love that trio of guitars, and the vocals remind me of an early David Coverdale sound. All in all, a bluesy blaster on a 750cc bike.

Above image: ©rockthejointmagazine

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You can download the single here

Band Website

By Stevie Ritson