One of our most read reviews was a piece we did on YouTube cover artists Sershen and Zaritskaya, a Ukrainian duo who have been having a blast with some covers of the classics. It has to be said that they are not alone out there, and YouTube, for sure, has some amazing talent.

One of those young bands that has been grabbing our eye is “Iron Cross.” They first grabbed our attention with a cover of Kiss’ “I Was Made for Loving You” back in the day, when they looked like a bunch of school kids playing in the street but were determined to make an impact.

The band is:

Andreea Munteanu (vocals)

Andrei Cerbu (guitars)

Matei Gasner (guitars)

George Pintilii  (drums)

In order to play classic hard rock music, Andrei Cerbu founded the band Iron Cross in 2015. He had the notion to form a teen band with boundless energy that could stun the crowd while listening to the “parents” of this musical genre, such as Iron Maiden!  They performed on a variety of Romanian stages. Unfortunately, a number of the original band members left the group in 2017 to pursue other interests. This project had to be abandoned, although not permanently. When 2019 arrived at the door, Andrei knew it was time for a fresh start. All of the band members are from Iasi, Romania, and he revived the group with fresh recruits.

The Iron Cross’s debut album, “Go Away,” featuring seven tracks, was released in 2018. Unfortunately, it took two years for this album’s formal release across all platforms due to the project’s sabbatical.

Why should our readers go and check this band out?

First of all, they are really good musicians; they deliver slick rock music that is well delivered and with a swagger that is their own. Although Rumanian, they sing and perform in English; the lyrics are perfectly delivered, and the choices of song are genuinely brave. I say that because it isn’t easy to delve into the tracks of bands with established fan bases that like the original versions. But these guys will put out a version of “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” and absolutely get their own mark on it. Freddie Mercury said that you could do anything you like with his music after he was wrong, but never make it boring; these guys do not make it boring!


Also, the reason for this piece on them came from my discovery of the Gary Moore song “Over the Hills and Far Away” with Beatrice Florea. The title, of course, is drawn from an older seventeenth-century folk tale, and they manage to deliver a Celtic touch to the music in among the guitar riffs and lifting voices. 

If I compliment the guitar sound, then I must say that Andreea Munteanu is a brilliant lead, both vocally and for image. With her red hair and image, she certainly grabs attention and is a fine focal point for the band’s media. Image isn’t enough; there are loads of good-looking vocalists doing the rounds, but this girl packs a Lennox Lewis punch in those vocals. Talking about the image, George Pintilii on the drums looks like a really fun drummer too!

They are a hard-working outfit and know the value of those videos to support the songs. They have their own album of tracks that is available here

You get six original songs (28 minutes) that show what they can do; it is an indication of what they are capable of. I would like to see them in a studio with a producer to tune up that sound.

“Go Away” opens with a pop rock sound; it flies us through the start with some power.

“This Time” is slower and suits the mood of the piece; it leads with a decent chorus sound, and the drums are solid. I wonder if this has been played live.

“I looked for You” stretches the range. It is, perhaps, the best piece on the album. More of a ballad in style, it is creative and interesting, and with those touches of an older Celtic sound, the band delivers well when they choose.

“The Tower” again changes direction. It is a lament-style track that builds up in power as it progresses.

“Naive” creates a heavy sound with this sweeter melody underneath. 

“The Enemy of My Soul” shows what they are capable of. Another interesting track in many ways, with lyrics that vocally deliver a lament or pain and the music delivering a deep guitar riff to lift the amp.

Released in 2019, available here, its a very decent opening album, but they need to build on it with what they have now. I listened to this and wanted them back in the studio. “Over the Hills and Far Away” is damn good, and they are now ticking those boxes—sound and musicianship? YES. Vocal performance? YES. A lead singer who projects an image with confidence—yes. Great videos? YES.

A new album of material that kicks ass? Not yet.

So we like these guys, and we know you will too. Check them out and listen; follow the talent!

Their Website is here

By Lorraine Foley

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