We should all listen to our mama’s advice! And as I’m a mama, you should get online and steam this one when it is released on all platforms on March 1.

“Mascara tears are all he will leave you with!”

This is an upbeat country number that has you doing a line dance around the kitchen. It has the ingredients for a solid country pop hit, and I liked it a lot.

Leanne said of it, “Magic is a really punchy song with a big attitude, written about the type of guy who you can’t help but fall for and always leaves you heartbroken. It will be included on my debut EP, which will be completed and released in the next few months.”

To be honest, having listened to the single, I am really excited now about reviewing the EP. Leanne has had success, her debut single “Work of Art” went to number two in the iTunes country chart, and, in my opinion, this should have a wider commercial appeal. It is a sassy sound, full of confidence. The opening chords had me moving my shoulders as I listened, and I was up having a dance shortly afterward. I would say that Leanne is one of those artists who should be making increasing waves in 2024. I fully expect to see her name appearing on the boards of the country festivals, and I, for one, will be out there trying to catch this one. 

So if I’m summing this one up, if it were in my chocolate box, it would be the strawberry cream. Yummy!

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