“FR-END” is the debut release by the music artist INK PIX, and it will be out

on the 2nd of February. It will be available on all major platforms.

Working with producer and best friend Robert Adams at QM Studios in Horsham, the team of two is proud to present the work they have been spending months preparing. The song itself is an emotional take on the passage of time, as if it were a person. Talking about the stresses we all face from deadlines and social pressure, which ironically has never been more true after all the time INK has spent to get to this point.

Despite Jack Coldrick’s conception of INK PIX as a music project back in 2019, this appears to be just the beginning. After five years of different attempts to share his music, ranging from TikTok challenges to documentary making, INK (Jack) has finally worked out the sound he’s been looking for. This will be followed up with full band live showcases, videos and more releases to make 2024 the year of the PIX.

In the official press pack, it describes the music as “a fine line between the rough and refined to give the Goldilocks of alternative-indie music.”

The proof, as they say, is in the pudding. So on with a listen to the single!

As a reviewer, listening to one song from an artist you have not heard before is a snapshot of a moment. As a benchmark, I ask myself if I want to hear more from the artist, and I say “yes” in this case. The guitar sound was, I thought, reminiscent in places of George Harrison’s solo work. It has a modern folk style, and it is a marker of what the artist can do. The track picks up an instrumental at the ¾ point with this great guitar break, and the track hits a confident (almost U2) groove that should hold a solid appeal for commercial radio. The vocals are dreamy, and there is a strong melodic hook in the piece. In a busy musical pool, this early 2024 release should be more than capable of holding its own. I look forward to hearing more.

(there is an earlier song that has an official video on YouTube; I have included that below.)

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By Stevie Ritson


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