Who are Emir and his band?

Emir Trerè (guitar and vocal) is an Italian guy from Bologna, Italy, class of 1992, born with a great passion for the American world. He started to play the guitar at the age of 12, playing rock music, and blues until his first trip to the USA, where he found the light with the old country music and the rock’n’roll from the 50s and 60s. Hank Williams, Johnny Cash, Bob Wills and many other Rodk’n Roll guys. The rhythm section is held by Manuel Cucaro on the drums, and Luca Pasotti on the electric bass and backing vocals. They come from different genres, but they are professional musicians with a lot of music experience.

Released April 19th, Emir and his band present “Honky Tonk Fever,” now out on all streaming platforms. Now, this is a new band for me, which is great, and it is an Italian band that plays American music in many different genres, including honky-tonk, Swing and country—the truly 50s and 60s American sound.

The sound of this band was born during many trips that Emir took in the USA, between Tennessee, Texas and California, where he spent a lot of time watching concerts, studying and sharing the stage  with many different guitar pickers.

My review:

This is a wild mix of rockabilly and country; it is an outbreak of moustaches and cool Elvis moves from this interesting three piece. It’s musically a whole lot of fun, infectious melody that inspires a bit of in-the-room dancing by your reviewer. This may not change the face of modern music, but I liked it, and that always counts for a lot. The vocals are just right for the track, the stetson hat fulfils the image side, and that big hair from the guitarist is what it is! It’s musically tight, and, for sure, I could listen to more from these guys.

“Honky Tonk Fever,” the band tells us, is an original song that totally represents the spirit and the soul of Emir and His Band, who announce: “Honky Tonk Fever” takes inspiration from a typical local American night in town. This is the kind of night where things are easy, the music is loud, and the lights are low. You start to be sad because you already know that will end, and I took inspiration from the atmosphere inside the walls of the American Legion Post during the Honky Tonk Tuesday Night. Beer, dancing, rhinestones and smiles. The new single is inside the new album ‘Electric Honky Tonk’, an album full of passion for the American sound, started with the soundtrack of the movie A Fistful of Dollars by Ennio Morricone.


You can download the single here.

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