Okay I’m about to delve into the world of YouTube and make a recommendation! Daria Zaritskaya (often with Ukrainian guitarist Sergey Sershen) has been causing quite a stir with a range of quite amazing rock cover tunes. From ‘I was Made for Loving You‘ – her introduction single in 2020 – she has continued to set Spotify alight with renditions of ‘Living on a Prayer‘ and “Welcome to the Jungle,” among others. 

Her YouTube channel is named ‘Sershen and Zarítskaya’ and this review notes that today music is listened to very differently to how it was in the past. Today, most of us connect to music through social platforms rather than record stores. This lass may not be on the radio, but her thousands of followers attest to the fact that something is going on. You can also download the mp3 version of “Kickstart my Heart” here.

Firstly, the musician ship is absolutely first rate.
Secondly the vocal performance and harmonies bring in a new life to these songs, it is really (at times) as if you are hearing them for the first time. A personal two favourites are her versions of the classics ‘Black Velvet’ and ‘Deep Purple’s‘ ‘Soldier of Fortune.’

They do a wide range of music covers and have started with a couple of original tracks too. It has been far from easy in the Ukraine recently, for obvious reasons, but if you dip in and discover these guys you will be very pleased you did so!

By Mark C. Chambers

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3 Replies to “Sershen & Zaritskaya, YouTubes finest.”

    1. Your music makes me feel my real feelings. Music is melodic with harmonies a controlled setting relevant by remembering our experience and repeat your visit back in time made you feel alive with the sprit of them now old songs sung with the sprit of the young doing it in the now time new age just as it gave the same feeling as it did then but now in the future new feeling follow the old rock n roll on the new soul never get low always pass go rolling to rock of all ages. Keliiokalani Love is music hate has no face where happynes waits n sings takes place in the best space of our race.

  1. NOAPOLOGY is loaded with talent. Not only do they do cover tunes that sound better than the original (I’m sorry). Sergey can rip the guitar with the best of them. Daria has appropriate vocals for this genre. She’s not bad to at either. “Ashes”, their first single out is terrific. There whole sound has power, energy, charisma and a overall sound that should propel them in the states.

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