A live show report from our London team, Hazel and Roy.

They headed off to see Morecambe’s very own Amy Jo, who was appearing in London for a great night of country music and Americana. Our very own Benny chatted with Amy Jo in 2023, feature link at the end of the review. At that time, she told us about her Valentine’s Day song that had just come out.

Amy Jo: I​​ do see myself as a storyteller. I have always enjoyed stories, and as a child, I loved stories and films. Thinking back, as a child, I wrote little stories, and I had a 100-page novel by the time I was 7! It maybe wasn’t very good, but I really enjoyed the tales, and this extends to enjoying watching the world today. This may be just sitting in a cafe and seeing how people interact. So when it came to that song, I had just come out of a long-term relationship, so it was the first time in a while that I had been single for Valentine’s Day. So I wondered about the different scenarios for people who are alone, like an old couple where one of them may not be there any more. Ironically, when you look at that generation, it is the elderly who have stuck it out in their relationship through the bad times; they have often stayed with their partner for life. I felt that was a good example, and we hear too little from that age group; we are youth obsessed. Then there is the girl getting proposed to, and there are all these narratives, with different experiences for different people. It is kind of sad as I show the different scenarios, but I still wanted the paradox where there is positivity. I may be at this stage now, but that can be a good thing. It can be a time when I find myself alone, and that is the right thing for me at that time. When I wrote that song, I found it to be a time of self-discovery. Whatever angle you look at the song from, you can take something different from it.

So with that in mind, off to the heart of London for a night with Amy Jo.

The soulful tunes of country and western artist Amy Jo graced the heart of Soho, London, in the intimate ambiance of ‘The Forge’ at ‘The Lower Third’. Dressed in a striking red dress adorned with a white heart, perfectly in sync with the Valentine’s theme, Amy Jo took center stage.

From the moment she began to sing, it was evident that this was an experience to be remembered. The harmonies between Amy Jo and her guitarist blended seamlessly—acoustic and bass—providing true country counterpoint.

The intimacy of the venue allowed for crowd interaction, with the audience invited to sing along, participating in the call-and-response moments. Thanks to Amy Jo’s stage presence, it felt less like a concert and more like a gathering of old friends, united by their love for country music.

Amy Jo’s setlist was a perfect blend of her original compositions and classic country hits, including the beloved “Jolene.” (which everyone knew!)

The staging was immaculate, with tasteful arrangements of flowers, soft lighting, and a charming merchandise stall that added to the overall ambiance of the evening. The support act, Andrew Jones, set the stage with his enthusiastic performance, warming up the crowd and setting the perfect tone for the night ahead.

What truly set Amy Jo’s performance apart was her genuine connection with the audience. Before each song, she took the time to introduce it, sharing its context and inviting the audience to join her on a musical journey. At the end of the night, she made herself available to her fans (and our photographer!).

If you missed out on experiencing Amy Jo’s Valentine’s extravaganza at ‘The Forge,’ don’t fret. You can still hear her music on Spotify or relive the magic through the photos and videos shared on her Instagram account (@amyjoofficial).

But remember, nothing beats the atmosphere of a live performance by Amy Jo herself. Make sure to catch her next show—you won’t regret it.

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All photos in this feature, Rock the Joint Magazine.

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