It is late at night, and the kitten is wrecking the tissue box by ripping all the tissues! Beside me is a cup of tea with sugar, and the children are in bed. It’s definitely time to listen to a dreamy single from an artist I haven’t heard before. So, checking my dropbox led me toward the new single by Ellur, out today (January 16th) on all platforms.

This is a song we can all identify with to some extent. It is about being far away from the one you really love.

It is a romantic song with a delicate melody.

“​​But if somebody asked me to choose

Between having the world or loving you

God, its you, its you; it’s always you

Oh its you, its you, its always you” (Ellur)

It reminded me a little bit of Enya and it starts off January nicely for an artist who seems to be attracting a fair bit of interest with radio play for earlier releases from BBC Radio 1 and 6, among others.

Speaking ahead of her first 2024 release, Ellur explained: “In my life, I’ve witnessed the disintegration of relationships that seemed so full of love. ‘Satellites’ is a song about that. When approaching the writing with Dan (Bryer), I told him I wanted to write a song that felt timeless both in lyrics and melody. Inspired by Joni Mitchell’s ‘Both Sides Now’ and seeing her perform it with just an acoustic guitar at roughly my age at Isle of Wight in 1970, and then decades later with a full orchestra and having it convey a totally different emotional landscape to the original performance. In a pretentious way, I wanted the same song for myself, and I really love what we created. Tim Malkin (producer) then wrote a string arrangement for the track, and I loved how the strings really guided and tied up all the emotional nuance that we’d intentionally left so open-ended in the writing. It’s a really beautiful song that I’m really, really proud of. I loved working with the people I’ve worked with on it. I hope one day I can perform it with a full orchestra myself. That would be the dream.”

So it’s interesting, dreamy and fits nicely for a late evening with snow outside and the winter fire burning. Check it out, everybody; you can stream it from here.

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By Lorraine Foley

(photo credit for lead photo of Ellur, Emie Grimwood)

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