I’m reviewing this because I want to!! I have to review it because I have always loved Scooby and I’ve been looking forward to this fan funded (funding started in April 2020) take on the classic cartoon on You Tube ever since I saw the trailer a year back.

The main cast (see picture) includes Jessica Chancellor (Daphne), Dade Elza (Fred), Dayeanne Hutton (Velma), Chris Villain (Shaggy) and Thor Von Shultz (Scooby-Doo). Your reviewer was there for the much awaited launch, logged into You Tube and watched the live first run. It lasted around an hour, is a bit more adult in theme than the straight cartoon, and features a Great Dane playing Scooby. We get round Scooby not talking by only Shaggy being able to understand him (and let’s face it, he is a dog). Considering the constraints of a fan

funded project this gets round the Scooby “problem” very well, but it also shrinks his role, and Scooby gets a lot less than the usual screen time. Shaggy is running (very reluctantly) some drug drops for the local bullies, and keeping his head down from his police man Dad. The pilot concentrates on the Velma/Fred dynamic which is interesting because that is rarely developed. Velma stands out here as a fascinating, rounded character. There is the scientist in her, but her mum runs a spooky book shop, and Velma begins to help Fred as he hunts the demon he thinks killed his parents.

Daphne is more on the side as the Mystery team is not together yet, she’s running for school Queen with the bitchy competition of another rival girl playing truer to the US High School teen movie theme. Shaggy is getting bullied; he is an outsider and also not connected to the gang yet.

Did I like the pilot – yes! I don’t want to give away the spoilers, please check it out for yourself; the link is here. If you love Scooby then it is full of eggs to discover as you watch, you’ll see the Black Knight ghost make an appearance, Miner 49er is there, and there are some great cameo rules in the school as well (the Headteacher is a great character). Best of all for us

music fans, the HEX GIRLS are back!

The character of Fred is given scope to develop far more than normal, let’s face it he is often on the shallow side! The plot is quite dark, but Velma holds it all together and is persuaded by Fred to work alongside him in the mystery. I absolutely want to see more of these; I’m totally behind the project and will promote it in the magazine whenever I can without any apology. It’s not Scoob, nor is it the excellent Matthew Lillard, Linda Cardellini, Sarah Michelle Gellar, and Freddie Prinze Jr duo of films (2002-2004). What it is is a fresh look that brings Scooby into the new decade. Watch it, and who wouldn’t die for Velma in this version?!

Here is the link. Watch and subscribe. A £1 donation from every subscriber and the next episode is made.

Review by Benny the Ball.