Released on January 19th and available soon through all platforms, this is a review for Karly C. with her new single, “One Night.”

Wow! This one packs a punch! I am aware of Karly C. as I know she has done some country leaning tracks (and you may know her from 2019’s “Take me as I am” – I have put a YouTube for this below), but this one is pop rock, with the emphasis more on rock. It is very rock radio friendly and  touches on that moment when you awake in a strangers bed and wonder what you have done. This is, due to the mindset many have, more of a problem for the girl than the guy, and Karly C. sings “if I were a man it would be okay.” In feminine solidarity I agree about the hypocrisy society seems to have ingrained within it.

Lyrically it is sad and reflective, “Heartbroken” – “keep drinking to feel a little something,” – but musically it kicks ass and uplifts. I loved the rhythm section of the track, which I was happy enough to play several times before writing the review (always a good sign). The soaring vocals fly over the bass and I really liked it, it left me wanting more.

A damn good song on every level, massive thumbs up. For fans of Heart.

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By Lorraine Foley

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