I reviewed a collaborative single that Georgia did with Emma Moore called “Saving Grace” (review here) and I have been watching out for her ever since!

For those of you living under a stone, Georgia Nevada is a chart-topping country singer-songwriter from the UK who stands out in the current country genre with a brand built on grace, charm, and style. It has been said that Nevada’s original take on southern rock has a “honest and vibrant” sound. 

This single is out on all platforms on June 28th, it’s called “Home,” and Georgia says:

‘To me, home is more than just a physical place, it’s a mental state too. Somewhere I can feel entirely myself.’

Home’s high-production music video was only made possible by Georgia’s family and friends in the industry and will be premiered shortly after the release.

‘Achieving a music video to the magnitude of this one would usually require an abundance of financial flexibility but I was fortunate enough to have friends and family who were happy to lend a hand with their own talents’ – Georgia Nevada

With direction by both Georgia’s dad and sister, costumes by her mum and youngest sister, a camera crew and dancers consisting of family friends, props by her godfather, and acting by her band, this music video is a true representation of the phrase ‘a labour of love’.

My review:

This is country music that knows how to rock in that dirty, laid back southern style. Georgia tells us that she is a ‘rolling stone’ and the song builds up to a classy little rocket ride. I played this back-to-back three times, and, for me, that really is telling. I listen to so much music while doing these reviews that I know something I like when I hear it. This one absolutely jumped out and smacked me across the face. “Purely Belter” (as they say in my part of the world). Rock radio stations, wake up and get this playing. 


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Artist website here

You can stream the single and more music by Georgia Nevada here

By Lorraine Foley