It is always great fun to get a single from an artist that is totally new to you to review, as it is an adventure! It is even better when it totally blows you away! This little number, “Saving Grace,” is a mini-explosion with solid riffs, power vocals, and a chorus to die for. Basically, this is a country track with rocks in it!

It is out on all platforms on February 24th.

Georgia Nevada describes the single as a “celebratory soundscape of female friendship, mirroring our own experiences of fun, support, and the kind of honesty you can only ever get from a best friend.”

Both of these girls can pack a musical punch.

Georgia Nevada is a chart-topping country singer-songwriter from the UK who stands out in the current country genre with a brand built on grace, charm, and style. It has been said that Nevada’s original take on southern rock has a “honest and vibrant” sound.

Since September 2020, Georgia Nevada has released three Top 3 singles (UK Country iTunes Charts), two of which were critically lauded collaborations, three No. 1 singles (UK Country iTunes Charts), and has broken the Top 40 at No. 36 in the all genre rankings (iTunes). The song “Sin On A Shoestring” then came next, rocketing to the second position in the UK charts (iTunes Country Chart).

Georgia was nominated for Best Artist and Best New Artist at the CCMA Awards, UKCM SA’s Best Music Video, and UK Female Vocalist at the BCMA Awards in 2021. She also received nominations for “Best Artist” and “Best New Artist” at the BCMA Awards. Try listening to “Whatever You’ve Got” or “The Devil Dealt Me You” for a good taste of her sound.

Her partner in crime for this single is Emma Moore. Emma’s debut album, “Pilot,” was released in 2016. From whisky confessions in “The Bottom of the Bottle” to finding love in the wrong places with “Trouble,” Moore’s customary candor and unconventional outlook on life have only grown stronger.

Emma Moore by Rosie Hardy

The 2018 song “Good Girl” was no exception, appealing to each of our inner rebels. The song was broadcast on the BBC for eight weeks in a row. When it was first released, Introducing amassed over 30,000 streams on Apple Music and earned Moore and her band a spot on Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree stage at the first-ever Long Road Festival. After taking a “school sabbatical” to get her master’s degree in songwriting and take part in a songwriter’s round with Beth Nielsen-Chapman, Moore came back to the music scene in 2019 with “Dutch Courage,” her most daring album to date.

So, back to the single. It’s damn good! I had to put the volume up and blow the roof off with this one!

By Lorraine Foley

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