It seems only a blink of an eye ago that we reviewed Joe Bonamassa’s live album “Tales of Time” here at the magazine (which went to #1 in the Billboard blues chart).

Joe shows off his blues roots with a captivating rendition of “I want to Shout About it” (download link here) originally performed by Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters. Bonamassa’s joyful version features solos from Reese Wynans on organ and Paulie Cerra on sax, as well as some killer adlibs from vocalists Dannielle DeAndrea and Charles Jones as the track winds to a close. 

Bonamassa called upon his close friend, bandmate, and co-producer Josh Smith to produce this track. Smith recalls, “Shout About It is a song originally by the great Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters with Darrel Nullisch on vocals. It’s a tough/high song to sing, and Joe really pushed himself and nailed it. It’s a real rave up, a party song. Joe has been playing it live lately, and the crowds are really digging it!”


As seen in the video (below), Joe has been playing this swinging tune live on the recent tour, it has a great dance feel to it and a great rhythm section, with the drums and harmony from the backing singers adding to the positive vibe. It makes for a mini treat for all those fans of the blues legend out there. Listening here as well, you can tell the positive chemistry within this line up. 

We have the tour information at the bottom of this page. After 3 weeks of performing on Europe Festivals in July, Joe will be back in the states for a US summer run and to make his debut appearance at the Hollywood Bowl on Wednesday, August 9th, with an exclusive, one-night-only concert experience alongside an orchestra, which will be recorded for his next live concert film.

By Stevie Ritson

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The Joe Bonamassa Tour Information is below

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