The new Quiz.

Last time’s winner was Denzil Bonner from Madison, Wisconsin, his $10 US Amazon voucher code has been sent.

This times winner will get a £10- Amazon voucher.

Please just email your entries to our email: or reply immediately on the comments section at the bottom of this page

Closing Date: November 23, 2023

I hope you have some fun with it. This time I (Lorraine) have gone for a full-on picture quiz. Each of the following pictures is from artists we have either interviewed here and done a feature on, or we have reviewed their work. All you have to do is name them! Either name the solo artist, or tell us the name of the band.

  1. Band Name Please

2. Band Name Please

3. Band Name please.

4. Solo Artist

5. Will accept her as a solo artist, or the name of her band.

7. Solo Artist.

8. Band Name please.

9. Band Name Please.

10. Solo Artist

Rock the Joint Magazine Supports the Freedom of Women in Iran to dress as they choose and live as they choose.

Quiz by Lorraine Foley.

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