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Last times winner was Alan James Tasker from Penzance, his £10- Amazon voucher code has been sent.

This times winner will get a £10- Amazon voucher.

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Closing Date: August 23rd 2023.

Hope you have some fun with it.

  1. How many official UK chart number 1 singles did the Rolling Stones have?

2. Who was the songwriter for “I Just Wanna Make Love to You” originally performed by Muddy Waters?

3. Name the band. We featured this great technopop band last year when we interviewed their singer Mercury.

4. Which Beatles song was their first to get 1 billion listens on Spotify?

5. On what song does Elton John add his vocals alongside Ozzy Osbourne?

6. Name this great US punk band whose singer Brenna Red we interviewed last year.

7. What instrument does Gene Simmons play in Kiss?

8. In what year was the album Queen II released?

9. What album is the biggerst selling US Album of all time?

10 “Hard Rock Hallelujah” was the 2006 Eurovision song contest winner for which Finnish band?

11. Legendary Blues Guitarist Kim Simmonds passed away in 2022, he was a founder member of which British blues band?

12. In 1979 the British charts saw the only chart success for the band Cats UK, what was that song?

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