Don Gordon’s Bandolier: New Single, “Cryin Out.”

‘Cryin’ out for someone

To walk out in the rain…’

It’s been a sad week here in the UK, so it’s time to listen to the blues. If you are unaware, Don Gordon is a multi-talented Scottish historian, songwriter, writer, and guitarist. Bandolier is his project to bring some great blues to us all. He is an established artist, he was previously a member of Glasgow garage rock band The Primevals, and as a solo artist he has one album already under his belt, the 2018 released “Bandolier Tales.”

If you are a sucker for Roy Orbison or latter day Elvis, then this single is in that vein. It’s catchy and touches on a country sound as well as the blues. “Crying Out” features two really strong vocal performances from two very special guests; the distinctive lead vocals of Ronnie Costley and the accompanying backing vocal arrangements of his daughter, Éadaoin.

One of the things we have as a mantra here at Rock the Joint Magazine is that we are here to point out artists that we believe in and know deserve a wider audience. This is a foreshadowing of the new album (the second single released), and I am looking forward to getting my hands on it! 

Co-arranged and produced by Wily Bo Walker, check it out and dip into the last album as well, where “Whose Kissing You?” and “September Rain” are both enjoyable.

And if you want a slab of classy rock ‘n’roll, then “Cryin Out” should be on your playlist.

By Stevie Ritson