It is sad, for fans like me, that Kiss will play their last show on the End of the Road Tour on December 2nd, and that may well be it. For sure, Kiss will not be releasing new music again; Paul lost interest in that a decade ago.

So, for any Kiss fan out there, the last authentic Kiss member releasing new music, continuing to tour and with the appetite to create is Ace. On February 23, his new album will be out, and it will be an album of new material, unlike his last release, Origins 2, which was a covers album.

With 10,000 volts, you get Ace Frehley sounding like Ace Frehley! (nothing wrong with giving the fans what they want; many top bands I can think of have done very well, sounding as their fans want.) Musically, it slots more into the sound he had for Anomaly (2009); it would slot alongside the song “Outer Space.” It certainly is a long way from his sound on “Second Coming,” but it is in the bluesy rock style that Ace has showcased for a long while; he has always been such a character.


Ace looks great now; he has an image that works well for him, and he has a great band behind him that seems to be getting the best from him. His guitar work has inspired so many young guitarists, and if you want to see one of the icons of rock guitar, you can’t go far wrong listening to Ace.

So, what does this single tell us about Ace in 2023? He has renewed determination and plays with a desire to continue to be himself and create new music for his fans. It has a solid groove and a commercial rock chorus, and it hits the sound on the spot. I am a fan, and I was really pleased to see Ace back in business. A solid thumbs up, and there is no way Ace is about to put on a suit and become a crooner. He will rock until he drops.

I’m so looking forward to February now. Ace is back, and I told you so.

By Mark C. Chambers

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