Released on December 8th, Ana Androic released “Back to You,” which caught the ear of us here at the magazine. Anyone who reads us regularly will know how we love to introduce you to new artists that we like. Ana is an independent artist, currently based in the UK.

The track has a simple drum machine beat with Ana’s distinctive modern smooth pop sound and a touch of Sade in the feel of the piece. She has another track called “Our Way” that you can get hold of, and more music on the way. These early singles give an indication of real promise, and we look forward to hearing more from her. We hope she gets into a studio to get a little more depth in the mix. What we have here is a great voice; she has the look and the talent. I think it will be a case of watching this space!

We did reach out to Ana and do a mini-interview (below) that we hope you like, but best of all, check out and stream her music!

You can stream her music from here, support her by giving it a play.

Talking to Ana Androic:

How long have you been in the business of writing songs? Were you writing songs when you were in school? Or is songwriting something that you have been developing more recently?

Well, I started writing in 2020. By then, I had already finished university and moved to the UK. That’s when my wish to become a musician started growing more and more, and the only way to find out if I could do it was by starting to write. And the rest is history.

You are using the emotions of a breakup in the recent single, “Back to You.” Do you find using personal emotions helps with songwriting?

Ana: It definitely does. Emotions are very powerful and putting them in a song in an artistic way is a beautiful thing because it’s honest, raw, and vulnerable, which makes a song authentic and genuine.

Can you tell us about the new single? It sounds smooth; where was it recorded, and do you have a team of musicians you work with regularly? 

Ana: Thank you! I don’t have a team just yet; it’s all me. I wrote, recorded, mixed and mastered the song in my home studio! I usually work alone, but sometimes I also collaborate with a few producers on beats and songs.

Are you planning on performing live in 2024? Where can we see you if we want to?

I will, for sure. It will probably be in Liverpool since I live there, so I’ll work on booking some local gigs, or somewhere near Liverpool, which is definitely not out of the question either.

What are your plans for 2024?

Ana: At the beginning of 2024, I plan on dropping my first EP, but the second one might also happen in the second half of the year. So the plan is to have a lot more music and live performances.

By Lorraine Foley

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