This is time for a new introduction. We want our readers to meet a new artist who is hot on the block and ready to entertain us with her new single, “I Should’ve Known” which was released on 28 April.

Now, Anita has been making music for a couple of years; she had “Quarantine Baby” (2021), which had a slower r and b sound, and then Can You Hear Me? (Loud and Clear) in (2021). This was a wispy, dreamy number that showed some early intent. We have links to download them connected to the names. She only recently decided to pursue music as a career.

These two early pieces were Anita showing that she could sing, but they didn’t have the sheer power and commercial appeal of “I Should’ve Known.”

I listened to the new track, link here, and it instantly grabbed attention. It is commercial, highly radio friendly, and a terrific slab of modern pop music. Without a doubt, you can dance to it; it is lyrically interesting and has a Michelle Gayle feel to her vocals.

Anita Bonsu

If I am asked why I love to do reviews (I don’t get paid for doing them), it is because I love music, and to find new artists with real potential makes it all worthwhile. Anita needs to get a bit more product out there, retain this new indie rock/ pop style that really suits her, and deliver those vocals for an audience that will grow. She absolutely has potential, she can absolutely make it.

As a bit of background, Anita Bonsu is a singer, songwriter, and recording artist based in the UK. Her sound combines elements of pop acts such as Doja Cat and alternative/indie acts such as Fazerdaze to create a distinct brand of music that uplifts and inspires.

Anita began singing at the age of 10 and has been writing songs since the age of 11 as a way to express herself. She certainly is very comfortable with the indi rock/pop vibe in the new single and we asked her to comment a little about the track for us,

Anita- The song is about finally letting go of a toxic relationship and recording the song was a lot of fun as I was out of my comfort zone. The song showcases my improvements as an artist and I am currently writing and working on my next single for the summer. Experimenting with different styles of music, I’m excited to share the process on my social media, so make sure to stay tuned.

Anita Bonsu

And there we are, please do download and listen to the new single. Anita we hope you deliver more in this style as we love it! It really suits you. There are a few great artists that are just starting to attract wider interests and we really want them to succeed, they are often here in the magazine and Anita joins that company.

Tik Tok: @anita_bonsu


Twitter: @anitabonsu5

By Lorraine Foley

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