We were very happy to chat with the lovely Ervin Munir in 2023 (linked at the end of this review). He is one of those interesting singer songwriters who moves from folk to the softer side of rock, and always tells a story with his music. He is one of those artists that we take an interest in, and we were really pleased to see the wide interest in his album and the way the momentum is slowly, and deservedly, growing. So when the mail came in from Benny (co-editor of the magazine) for this one, I was looking forward to listening. 

Following the release of his acclaimed debut album in December 2023, Ervin Muniris released “Chase the Moon” on April 26th, and it is available for streaming on all major platforms. The press release tells us the song is about feeling the fear and doing it anyway. Following your dreams. Life is short, and sometimes you need to take a risk, move out of your comfort zone, and do something wonderful. You may regret it if you don’t try.  This single is a reflection of Ervin’s musical career to date, and acts as a reminder for him to continue challenging himself when writing new songs and performing. Its message is clear and universal. Along with Ervin, Aeron Z Jones provides lovely lap steel and mandolin embellishments.


My review: “I want to chase the moon across the sky,” sings Ervin with this lovely acoustic guitar support. This time, we have a dreamy and romantic song with a vocal harmony in the style of traditional folk troubadours. This is a song that I relaxed to, and it made me want a nice hot chocolate to end the day. When he was little, I used to tell my boy that the moon was there to protect us at night. This song is uplifting, like a warm blanket. Yes, I liked it.

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You can stream this single, and other music by Ervin here.

By Stevie Ritson

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