It has been a busy time here at Rock the Joint Magazine. One of my colleagues is in the middle of moving house, and Stevie is on family holidays away in New Zealand. So a skeleton ship led me toward picking up this review.

We had the pleasure of chatting with Norfolk-based Ervin Munir about the release of his album “Broken Compass” in December 2023. Ervin is a folk based musician with quite a bit of other mixes on his art palate. This one, “Oh Why,” is based around a piano accompaniment with harmony, layered vocals. There is a slightly world weary feel to this piece with the line, “You reap what you sow in kind,” giving a nod toward all of us who may hope those who attack us find things coming back on them! It does have a personal feel to it, and Ervin is always a storyteller in his music. I have played his album through and enjoyed it, although I wasn’t involved with the feature we did on him. I would say this has a different touch from many tracks on the album, it almost has a medieval feel in the chorus. Interesting! And it is the track that finishes off the album, heard separately from the album, it gains a certain traction of its own. 

Ervin told us in December, “The important aspect is the narrative story behind the music. I try to tell a story with each song. It is the instrument that can make a song folk.”

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By Benny (the Ball) Benson

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