Ervin Munir is a Norfolk based folk artist. His music is in the style of the old folk commentaries, short stories that deliver a social tale of their time. You may have come across the track “She Never Made Old Bones.” If you are into the solo singer songwriter with some solid vocal harmony and that easy melody, then this is for you, well worth a download.

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Ervin is a solo artist, but he is also in a band called “Cutting the Mustard.” The new single, “Carolynn,” is a smooth track; I liked the harmonization, and it has a fine, catchy hook. I also note that the artwork for the single that I am placing here is a very interesting piece in its own right.

As a last note,  the production of this single is very well done, I can’t imagine there was a huge studio budget, but the end result is smooth, and the guitar sound is really clear.

The link to the single is here, it’s not on all platforms yet, but if you like some classy singer songwriter folk music from independent artists, then check it out and you will enjoy! 

By Stevie Ritson

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