The new single from Jared James Nichols, pulled from his eponymous album, was released on May 24th. Stevie reviewed the album for the magazine, link to the whole review here.

At the time, “Easy Come, Easy Go,” was reviewed as a track that slides into a guitar solo and some (almost) dance grooves. The chorus has a catchy radio appeal for this Nashville-based performer,” maintaining the energy of the album.

As a new listener to this, it is upbeat and positive, I liked the slow down section that “just like a rolling stone” bobs along in a rocking vein. I found it had a catchy feel to it, and I can certainly see why it would be chosen for a single as it is very radio friendly and a commercial track.

““Easy Come, Easy Go” is an electrifying, foot stomping, rock and roll animal,” says Jared. “From the first note, this song is unrelenting, with fuzzed out guitars and a heavy groove. I have always loved the phrase easy come, easy go, meaning not to dwell on or live in the past. The message is to take life as it comes and live in the moment.” 

Jared further says that,

““I made a record to serve as the menu for the live show,” There is an element of excitement and danger. It’s my version of rock ‘n’ roll with a little more humanity. The album is a day in the life with the ups and downs, but it musically rings true to who I am as an artist.”


So, for a whole lot of fun, and a chance to play some air guitar while having a boogie around the room, this is the one for you!

There is also tour news that we post here, as Jared is playing the UK and Europe in June.

By Lorraine Foley

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