On the 28th of October, “Nobody’s Fool” is released by Joanne Shaw Taylor, an album that may be her most personal album to date. Joanne’s writing lays bare love, loss, and the desire to be free of the past through the vessel of catchy hooks and infectious guitar riffs. It was recorded at Sunset Sound in Los Angeles, and is produced by Joe Bonamassa and Josh Smith.

It is an album that combines different kinds of music, exposing the listener to a variety of sounds and styles while presenting the blues in different ways.

There are eleven new tracks:

1. Nobody’s Fool (3:36)

2. Bad Blood (3:49)

3. Won’t Be Fooled Again feat. Joe Bonamassa (4:54)

4. Just No Getting Over You (Dream Cruise) (4:40)

5. Fade Away feat. Tina Guo (4:52)

6. Then There’s You (3:23)

7. Runaway (3:49)

8. Missionary Man feat. Dave Stewart (3:08)

9. Figure It Out feat. Carmen Vandenberg (3:48)

10. The Leaving Kind (4:03)

11. New Love (4:03)

Reviewing the album, it made for a great listening journey! The opener, “Nobody’s Fool,” is a smooth intro to the set. It provides a cool rock/country blend and gets the ball rolling. 

Next up is “Bad Blood”, which has this marvellous chorus that has the zing of a fresh lemon. It’s a song with a swing, and the lyrics reflect the complexity of relationships.

“Won’t Get Fooled Again” presents us with a blues girl having fun. It has a jazzier style of guitar playing and is a lot more pop.

My album favourite is “Then There’s You.” This is meaner, moodier blues with vocals sitting on the razor’s edge. I would say this is how I like my blues; blues with a good sprinkling of rock built in. There is plenty of attitude, and the guitar work shines here.

I can see this being a solid addition to the tour (info below). I’m sure that with the new material, the tour will have a really positive energy, and the quality of the album lies in how it can connect to a wide listener base.


“Missionary Man” is a vibrant cover of The Eurythmics classic and features Dave Stewart. Joanne was born and raised in the UK and was discovered at the age of 16 by Dave Stewart, so it’s great to keep the connection. This one chews a few bullets as a version!

“Figure It Out” has clearly consumed several energy drinks. The lyrics may be blue, but it’s a track in a hurry, it’s immediate and delights the ear.

“The Leaving Kind” is a really fascinating piece of music, and marks a gear change in the listening experience. It is a lovely lilting ballad with an almost medieval feel. I could honestly imagine this track played by a minstrel in front of Anne Boleyn! It was unexpected and very pleasurable.

Last up, “New Love” closes the album in a more conventional style, another blast of energy to close matters.

Joanne wrote all the songs on the album except “Missionary Man,” which is written by Annie Lennox and Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics. Joanne co-wrote “New Love” with Josh Smith, Calvin Turner, and Dylan Altman, “Then There’s You” with James House, “Fade Away” with Sharon Corbitt, and “The Leaving Kind” co-written with Joe Bonamassa, Leslie Satcher, and Beth Nielsen-Chapman (Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Bonnie Raitt)


Producers – Joe Bonamassa & Josh Smith

Executive Producer – Roy Weisman

Engineer – Austin Atwood

Assistant Engineer – Nate Haessly (Sunset Sound)

Mix Engineer – Alan Hertz


Joanne Shaw Taylor – Vocals & Lead Guitar

Joe Bonamassa – Rhythm Guitar

Josh Smith – Rhythm Guitar

By Stevie Ritson

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