In her official release on November 10th, Laura Evans brings us a November firework in the form of She’s a “Heartbreaker.”

This one is a sparkler, a roman candle that uses up the rockier edge of Laura’s country sound. The drum sound is really solid, and the chorus hooks take the song into a solid groove. You listen to this, and you feel that boogie take you over. Boom! 

So we have a winter winner here that will do great on commercial rock and country radio; for a Welsh girl, she has an American sound on this too! 

We have chatted to Laura a couple of times here at the magazine, and she can cast that certain spell. You will enjoy this one.

On songwriting, Laura told us,

“You can overwork a song, yes. You don’t always have the luxury of time to try it in so many ways. When I make a record, I decide what I want it to sound like and the direction it will take. And that is what we are going to do. Later down the line, I might reimagine it, but I don’t always have the time or money to spend forever on a track.”

Talking about the writing and recording process for this track, Laura said,

“I wanted to write something a little different and put a spin on the theme of “Heartbreak.” I wanted to push the boundaries with my love of blues and rock while keeping that commercial sound. This summer, when I got together with my co-writer, Stace James, the lyrics came easily, and we had fun painting this picture of a fierce, powerful character and creating a sing-along anthem. Once I got into the studio with my producer, Josiah, he brought it to life.”

This is an exciting new era of music for Laura Evans fans, with a new album in the making, set for release in spring 2024. Laura had a very busy touring schedule this year; she just finished her six-date UK tour and will embark on her first headline European tour, which kicks off in Holland on November 17th. 

Tour information 

Stream the “State of Mind” Album here

Laura Evans website

By Lorraine Foley

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