This is quite a couple of weeks, we have a few reviews going up from artists we know well, and some that are new to us. And this one, well, it was very touching and I’m glad I discovered it, even if it was in many respects very close to home.

The heartfelt ballad is sadly inspired by the real-life experience of receiving the phone call that lets you know that a loved one has devastatingly passed away. The moving lyrics pay tribute to Mikki Evans’ beloved sister Tammy who tragically lost her life, and allows Evans to open her heart about that experience and what it’s like to get a phone call that completely flips your whole world.

Piano accompanies a lament that is delivered with passion, it’s very sad, poignant and has a really strong delivery in which this girl sings from the heart. It touches on Gospel, has a really poignant melody and it is a song stripped to the bones and yet has such depth.

You may have come across “Rent Free” (download here) which is a rocking country number, a catchy chorus and a bigger sound that is probably more indicitive of the type of thing she does. However for sheer emotion and connection between singer and song, “The Call” is something else.

For sure, this is such a well-written and constructed country hit with gentle and optimistic undertones,  that will strike a chord with anyone who has ever been through a loss and suffered grief. Co-written with Gary Quinn and produced by Luke Flear, ‘The Call’ is the song that could really lift Mikki’s profile.

In celebration of the release of ‘The Call’ and the accompanying EP ‘Watch Me’, Mikki Evans has announced details of her debut headline show and EP Launch on July 22 at Hare & Hounds in Kings Heath. Tickets, including a VIP experience pass are on sale now.

One of her earlier songs, a cover of “Jealous of the Angels” is below, so if you don’t know her you can have a listen!

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