Nushka, in association with Doctor Lincoln, has reworked one of her earlier releases, “Queen Bee.” Originally, “Queen Bee”  was put out with an accompanying video, but it has now been given a thorough reworking. We asked how that all came about, and had a great chat with two of the friends of the magazine, the lovely Nushka and Doctor Lincoln. So this review is also a look at the development of the song and how the process has come to fruition. We basically have their thoughts here before a few reflections on the single from us!

Nushka – I liked “Queen Bee” when I wrote it and first began to perform it in my way, but I really had no idea what I wanted a studio version to sound like. Then, when I took it to the studio, the producer really liked the song and wanted to work on it. He had been given a menu of some songs that I wanted to work on and perform, and he chose three. And when it was completed, I was okay with it, but unsure what I wanted to do with it. I then put it out there, but Lincoln reached out, and I was checking messages back at the end of 2020, and he was saying that he would love to work on it. 

Lincoln – we did an online show together, and Nushka introduced me to her music, and of all her songs, I related to “Queen Bee” the most. There is an element of rock in the song, and there is a drum sound I liked. I related it to an Oasis kind of sound.

Nushka- I did want it more like that. But originally, I felt it was drifting more, and I didn’t know how to direct that. So when Lincoln said he would pull it out, and work on it, I was very pleased. But I would perform it like you say.

And what has come new to the ingredients of the song compared to what we had before?

Lincoln- “During the lockdown in 2020, there was a virtual online live concert happening in Abu Dhabi. It was a live streaming event via Zoom. One of my friends had to back out of that gig and suggested I step in. Nushka, who was living in Dubai at the time, also played at that event. That’s how we met. A year later, Nushka, on a visit to India, came to my home studio. This was when I told her that I liked her song ‘Queen Bee’ and wanted to rework it in my own style. At that time, I was experimenting with synthesizers, and listening to a lot of New Wave bands like, Tears for Fears, Berlin, and Depeche Mode. So it hit my imagination to take Nushka’s song in that direction. That resulted in our collaboration on the new version of Queen Bee, like we hear today.”

And, we wondered whether Nushka has considered compiling an EP at all, as currently she is releasing individual songs; but a collation of work might be a good thing.

Nushka- Absolutely. I can picture doing that in the next year or two. When I wrote songs like “Good to Go,” they were recorded in a style that was very different. Then, from “On Repeat,” it began to change; maybe if I’d recorded when I was much younger, I’m sure they would have gone on an album and fit together as a whole piece. I am on the cusp of moving from one sound and style to another, and I am looking for stronger footing right now.

In the magazine, we see Nushka as a funk artist.

Nushka- Interesting! I don’t know. In the old days, there was me with an acoustic guitar, and that made sense. Then I feel a bit hip-hop now, a little R&B, with some rock. I listen to very eclectic styles. With “Come Around,” I now feel more like introducing new elements. An album would be too chaotic and expensive now. So I am aiming to get singles out, and try to start performing. I really miss performing and want to get out there again.

(Nushka is looking at festivals in 2024.)

Songs can take on a life of their own when you perform for an audience, the music takes on a different sound then, and I really want to get in front of a live crowd again.

Which takes us to….“Queen Bee” 2.0

 The song is a fighting track in which we take on our enemies and bring them down!  In its new form, the tempo has lifted, and the drum sound has been given more of a “stinging spree.” It is an interesting montage in places, and the chorus has more of a rock beat. It certainly includes a bit of rock guitar here and there, and I’m sure it would sound great live. Have a listen, then download “Queen Bee” to support the artist,  here.

“Good to Go” can be downloaded here

By Mark C. Chambers


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