For my first review of 2023, I was very happy to get the new single from Olivia Lynn. Those of you who have been with us for the last year may remember we did a feature on Olivia, and it was a much read piece on this stick of dynamite who explodes into a red mist in this new outing.

Olivia started her Country POP journey just over a year ago, when her first release October 2021 “Modern Girl” hit Number 1 in the iTunes Country Charts…

Within the past year she has topped many country charts across the globe and hit the top spot on iTunes County 3-times out of 5, without ever falling short of the top 4-spots. Her previous singles are all available here.


Red mists have been in the news a bit recently with Prince Harry moaning on about his brother seeing red and pushing him into a dog bowl (lol), but Olivia sees red for an altogether different reason:

Olivia- I know when someone cheats on you, people will always say, “Remember you are not to blame; accept that things are going to suck for a while; it’s okay to cry; always put your feelings first; and try to keep calm.” But, come on, guys, we all know the first thing you wanna do is scream and shout, cry a lot and as for trying to keep your cool, we all SEE RED! Right!

There are so many great women writers that have inspired me throughout my “Road to Nashville,” which is still my biggest dream. Not that the guys don’t inspire too; of course they do, but I am a “Vote for Women” girl!

“I wrote this track on the back of a breakup, if you can’t tell, and I am super pleased with the song. It actually kicked my sadness into touch, and I am looking forward to seeing if I can hit the top of the country charts again, maybe take a step into the pop charts too, but most of all, I just wanna start 2023 with a bang!”

So where are we with this one? First of all, Olivia has written this one herself, and she indicated in the interview she did with us that this was the direction she wanted to go now, creating her own material. It is certainly an evolution from the “Ain’t It a Shame” track that came out previously. That one was an absolute blast of fun, all short skirts and tongue-in-cheek country pop (I’ve included the official video for that one below in case you don’t know it already).

This one, “Red,” discovers rock. It’s a more aggressive sound; it’s “wear those leather pants and punch the air with your fist” stuff! My favourite line was 

“I saw you leave her house,

I guess that’s where it all went South…”

The guitar and drum sounds this time have much greater punch, and the production is crisp and commercial. When I spoke to Benny (who co-owns this magazine), he said he was damn sure Olivia was going to be a success, and this one deserves radio play and should kick some major ass. My one liner on the track would be:

“It spits bullets.”

On the 13th january “Red” will be available on all major platforms for download. Enjoy.

By Lorraine Foley.

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