Olivia is an artist we have followed over the last year, and she did a feature piece with us a few months ago. She is an up-and-coming performer, ever more confident with her image, and she is now delivering some really great videos. 

Her most recent single, “Red,” was a banger, and “Ain’t It a Shame, was a really commercial piece of country pop. The new single has a more gentle sway, and has some of the now trademark touches of Olivia’s songwriting. She is delivering some great chorus hooks and is a talented lyricist.

In this one she may be blaming Cupid, but the breakups are not ending her relationship, she retains the fight!

BREAKUPS, is about being in a relationship and breaking up but being able to try again despite the past, which is a little different to my other songs where the breakups are almost final! 

I liked the echo style drift at the very end, but this track stands up on those vocals, and Olivia delivers on the nail.

We asked Olivia, “How do you see this song fitting into your previous work? Would you say it is a close relative of “Red” or is it more of a cousin to an earlier piece?

Olivia- ’I’d say more of a cousin , you could view it as a before “Red” or after, really! it’s about forgiving and trying again because your head is saying no, but your heart is saying you need to try again.

You can catch Olivia at “Country On The Coast” on Saturday, April 22, 2023, and she will be out and about playing live over the summer, so watch out!

As a last thought on all things “Break Up” our girl has gone from red to blue, and continues to deliver time and again with a slick urban country pop. We urge radio stations to get behind her and give her some extra push, as she’s damn good! And Olivia, we would urge her to maybe look toward an EP next!

The single can be downloaded here

And we have slipped in a video of an earlier piece by her for those who are unfamiliar with some of the back catalog! 

By Lorraine Foley

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