You will notice how in this magazine I am often the one lamenting being late with things (check out the new quiz, lol). What tends to happen is that Benny will send me a very polite email asking if all is well (Mark never bothers with the day-to-day running much- he just seems to magically have everything done), and I rush about getting the review sorted. 

So there I am, frying eggs and getting children ready for school (need for speed), and Rebecca’s new single is playing. It is out on March 10th on all main platforms.

Straight off, it just hits me – the start is reminiscent of Kiss’ “Charisma” – complete with Gene Simmons growl. Not musically perhaps, but in the lyric and musical sentiment! Now that is a good thing, as I love Gene so much!

On topic (sorry, Benny), this sees Rebecca with a slower sway, a bit more country in sound, and some more maturity in delivery. I’m sorry I stopped smoking, as I would have liked to listen to this one late night with cigarettes and a glass of wine in a Parisian cafe by the Seine. But, breakfast with the kids went just fine, I gave it a replay later in the day, and I was still struck by the dance sway in the lament. Nice.

Rebecca says the song “Music Maker” is as much a personal statement of how she feels about her later life venture into music creation as it is (for her) a soul and blues infused blend of vocals, mandolin, drums, piano, and guitar.

Live at the Camden Club, London, 2022

“I started thinking about the things I’d already achieved in my life outside of music and whether they brought me real joy. It was something of an epiphany, expressed through this song, that my happiest place is getting lost in a new chord sequence or exploring how to express how I really feel through lyrics. The icing is playing it to audiences and hearing their feedback. The interaction and connection through music is something I’ve really fallen in love with.”

So when something heads off for review and the reviewer gets their perspective, a whole new reading of the song opens up. It has that sway!

Is it the money that you make?

Is it the famous friends you’ve made?

Is it the job that shows the world that you’ve made it?

 Is it the fancy car that you drive?

 Is it your house that gives you pride?

 Is it the beauty parlour smile that makes you feel pretty? [words and music by Rebecca Richards]

Rebecca Richards – Composition, vocals, mandolin,

Photo Powis Photography,
Piano, keyboards
Sam Andrews – Drums, production
Jonathan Roden – Guitar, production

Review By Lorraine Foley

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