Hello everybody. The single under the spotlight today is the new track from Ritchie Dave Porter and Debra Susan, so let’s see what the duo have cooked up for us.

This was a little bit unexpected. I know Ritchie’s work, and I’ve reviewed a few pieces over the last couple of years, a favourite being “I can hear the train a comin.”

“Dance with me” is swaggering, confident work. It impresses with a really good guitar riff, and it mixes playing styles, opening with some acoustic chords. Let’s slip into Stoker’s “Dracula,” the abandoned ruin at Whitby, with a wind blowing through the old buildings and a couple dancing in the moonlight. That takes us into the world of this song. 

I like Debra’s vocals on this one, lyrically dancing her way over the riffs with energy and a love of the track that comes through. The track shows her strength as a melodic rock singer, and I think she has some roots in musical theatre, which I detect here. This one would go great live, and I feel it would open the show with a blast.


There is a video that was filmed in Shropshire at historic sites, hence the medieval folky rock vibes, including filming part of the video at Mitchell’s Fold Stone Circle, which has a history of witchcraft.

On other matters, Dave told us that “we are also looking forward to going to Atlanta, Georgia, USA, on August 24th, when we are finalists for the International Singer Songwriters Association Awards in two categories, International Duo of the Year and International Male Music Video of the Year, which is awesome.”

You can stream the single, and other tracks from Ritchie here

Produced by Michael Tingle.

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By Stevie Ritson