I’ve been watching some clips of these two on the UK live blues circuit recently, and they are clearly in a very positive creative vein. The enjoyment they have for performance and creating new music at the moment is clear.

This song starts with an American AOR feel to it, which surprised me a bit, I found myself thinking of Heart.

The track shows some pleasing melodies, and the production, again by long-term producer Michael Tingle, is crisp and clear. 

The photograph to accompany the single shows Ritchie with his new treasured item, his  prize Arctic White Telecaster guitar, one that is almost identical to Jimmy Page’s, albeit without the mirrors on it.

As for the lyrics, my favourite track by this duo remains “The River and the Preacher,” but this song moves into more wistful territory. I do still believe in love myself, but it’s probably not for me now! I listen to this and can see that these two have found it! And that actually speaks volumes for the track, the emotion is there in the voice. It’s commercial, has some cool Southern guitar, and is available on all the main platforms imminently! 

You can download it immediately, and support the artist, here.

When he spoke to us last year, Ritchie told us that when he met Debra  “it was a magical meeting, there was a real vibe, and as soon as I started playing the riffs, she was tapping her foot and coming up with the words… I knew there was a magic there that I never had with anyone else, so Debra was the icing on the cake. It came with an incredible energy, and we’ve written about seventeen songs now, thirteen on the album and a couple out that weren’t on the album… We have been highly creative, and it is a melting pot of jazz, southern rock, and blues.

And there we are! Have a listen, download and enjoy!

By Lorraine Foley

(I came across the track below by accident when I was getting the link for the above video. I have placed it here as I was so touched by it. I lost my dear father recently and this lament got me. What a great track, made me feel so sad. It had this medieval feel to it and it was a wonderfully written lament, I am glad I stumbled on it – and I’ve ended up giving it a review as well. I would have to say this was a song I totally connected to).

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