In perfect alignment with our promotion of great singer-songwriters, we were very happy to sit down with Glasgow’s Robyn Red. Having started off doing cover versions of a few country-style classics, she released her first single, the dreamy melodic number “Like a Bullet,” in June 2022. 

“Every time I see you

the memories come through my head

like a bullet.”

We include the official YouTube version at the end of this feature, and you will find a single with wide appeal, radio friendliness, and chorus hooks.

It was a solid debut from this still-independent artist, and she discusses with us her current songwriting, future plans, and the story so far. Recently, post-lockdown, she has been active on the live Scottish gig scene, playing support for The Rooks. 

It seemed a good place to start with her filling us in with some background,

Robyn- I see myself as a country singer; I’m based in Scotland, and I released my first single back in June 2022, as you know. It went well. I’m currently independent, but I’d certainly like to get onto a label one day! We’ll see how it goes.

We have featured a few singer-songwriters in the magazine; as individual artists, there are a few we are keeping an eye on: Olivia Lynn, Rebecca Richards, Ritchie Dave Porter, Danny McMahon, Amy Jo… the list goes on. Britain seems to be blessed at the moment with some really creative writers on the country/blues/rock scene. Robyn began piano lessons at age 5; voice lessons at age 10, taught herself guitar, and has worked hard at her craft ever since, so how does the songwriting develop?

Robyn- “Like a Bullet” was my first song, actually. I started writing tracks in 2019,  when I came back from LA, where I’d been in a competition. I just really wanted to get into my own material. So there was an open mic thing in Glasgow run by a guy, and I asked him to help me with a few numbers. I love the process of writing by myself, but I’m open to writing with others too and sharing ideas. I use the guitar, always, for songwriting. I took lessons on the keyboards, but ever since I got the guitar, I find it easier. It is easier to carry around, and I enjoy the writing process on the guitar more. I will have a song in my head and then go with the chords.

Robyn Red: Live in concert.

Country is a fascinating market in the UK right now, with a growing appeal on the country pop side. Danny McMahon and other well-known artists are making an impact on both sides of the Atlantic, and country pop is becoming more popular. We wondered how Robyn first got into the country scene and how she sees it fitting into the Scottish music market currently.

Robyn- It was my friend’s dad who first got me into country music. He had Luke Combs playing, and I started listening to him, and then it all developed my interest. I listened to more artists—Ashley McBryde, for example, and it all came from that. And in 2019, I went over to the US for the world championships in performing arts. It was great! I’d like to go back, and next time I want to go to Nashville. I would see myself as country pop to an extent, but at the moment my writing is far more traditional country. I am developing new music at the moment. At the moment, I am thinking about a release quite soon, and another song later in the year. I just need to record some extra bits, and they are done. Of course, the end goal is an album. I’d like to do an album, but to be honest, probably an EP will be on the way at some point.

We feel at the magazine that Robyn has a great voice for country music and is developing the image to go with it. She’s been wearing the red hat in recent publicity, and it’s clear that she’s building up her persona for the business’s marketing side.

Robyn- Yes I have the hat ! But that’s enough for now !!


She has been doing, as noted, plenty of gigs in the Glasgow area, but what is planned for 2023?

Robyn- I have some gigs that I am currently looking at down south that are not fully sorted yet. I have “Country in the Clyde” from March 11–12, and I’m at the Classic Grand in Glasgow on June 3rd.

It’s a good time to visit Glasgow, the same weekend as the C2C (country to country) festival (Zac Brown Band, Thomas Rhett, and Lady A); so Glasgow will be a hive of country music, great acts, food, and drink. So that’s a great weekend to visit Glasgow, one of my favourite cities! 

Furthermore, “Country in the Clyde” is a great gig to check out if you love the contemporary country scene. It also features Karen Waldrup and The Coaltown Daisies, among others, so there will be a blend of folk and country music to enjoy. 

We closed the interview by asking what else was happening in her world for 2023.

Robyn- Well, I skipped my last year of school and went straight to university to do languages. The goal is to be a full time musician, but the languages are there as a fallback.

Hopefully, no fallback will be needed. Have a listen to “Like a Bullet,” and you can download it here. If you want to support this exciting new artist on the country scene, then follow her channel on YouTube and keep an eye out for the new material in 2023. Best of all, get up to Glasgow in March and support her live!


By Benny (the Ball) Benson


Mark C. Chambers.

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