Singapore’s rising alternative metal band Solvant has released a new single called “Hunting for Ghosts.” The single was released on May 10th. It is a prerunner for an upcoming EP.

Previous tracks include “March of the Infidels” and “Servants of the Sun.” In these tracks, Solvant delivered a unique blend of heavy, crushing riffs and melodic harmonies that earned them a reputation as one of the country’s rising stars in the progressive rock genre. 

Lead vocalist Zed sheds light on the creative direction of the upcoming EP, revealing that it seamlessly continues the post-apocalyptic narrative journey initiated in their debut EP, ‘Servants of the Sun, Pt. 1’. ‘Hunting for Ghosts’ serves as a continuation of the aftermath of a devastating war, delving into themes of regret, guilt, and blind faith. 

“We wanted to capture an organic and storytelling approach with the song structure and arrangement,” shares Zed. “While the obvious themes of war and its impact are present, ‘Hunting for Ghosts’ also explores deeper topics and themes that resonate with our audience on a personal level.”

Breaking away from traditional music video norms, Solvant has opted for a distinctive approach for ‘Hunting for Ghosts’. Teaming up with WOWCARDSTUDIO, the band brings their vision to life through the medium of 2D illustrated animation. The result is a visually captivating experience that serves as a complementary storytelling device, featuring war-esque visuals and gritty sepia aesthetics that perfectly align with the narrative and the band’s image.

“We wanted the music video to serve as an extension of the song’s narrative, offering viewers a deeper insight into our post-apocalyptic universe,” explains the band. “The collaboration with WOWCARDSTUDIO allowed us to bring our vision to life in a way that truly captures the essence of SOLVANT.”

My review: 

To be honest, “Hunting for Ghosts” was my first acquaintance with this band, although I made a point of listening to “March of the Infidels” as well, as I never like basing a perspective on one solo track. “Infidels” is lyrically darker, musically pulling a little more from a grungy style. “Hunting for Ghosts” is more melodic, lyrically enticing and reminds me of dark prog rock. We spoke to a French band called Avaland in 2023, and in the guitar work, there is some similarity. In the video, you can tell that this is a band that is painting a broader concept, and this will no doubt come to light (or dark) more in the EP. So enter the post apocalyptic dystopia and have a blast!

By the way! If you check out the singles, each one has a great piece of cover art – worth a look! 


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You can download the single, and other music from the band here.

By Benny (the ball) Benson

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