I remember being blown away by an album I was asked to review in 2020, that album was ‘Death in Venice Beach‘ and the band responsible for this fine slab of music were The BombpopsThere was an irresistible energy, guitar licks to die for, and an underlying bite to the lyrics that you can miss if you get caught up in the saccharine chorus. This was not a band to sing about romantic yesterdays, one track ‘Zero Remorse‘ takes us into the world of the killer, ‘killing to get caught.’ But check out the video, the little touches of homage to James Bond (girl in white bikini coming from the sea) or the book (Death in Venice) left by the corpse. It is slick humour matching the pace of modern US punk. But who are The Bombpops?

Not exactly a big name in the UK (sadly), the band was founded in 2007 by school friends and co-frontwomen Jen Razavi and Poli van Dam. The girls provide the songwriting and the central image of the band, instantly recognisable and the driving force that took on board a few line-up changes until the band settled down with Josh Lewis (drums) and Neil Wayne (bass). It was this combination that completed two studio albums with Fat Wreck Chords, ‘Fear of Missing Out’ (2017) and the aforementioned masterpiece ‘Death in Venice Beach.’

Exploring their videos and music, I realised this band was something special and I absolutely wanted to get behind them. They are based around San Diego, and are active enough on the US live circuit, catch them if you can! However, I do worry now about the long-term future of the band. In August 2021, Poli Van Dam (the blond one of the two girls) announced that she couldn’t go on the upcoming tour with the band due to some health and family issues. In November 2021 she officially left. You can catch her interview on Jughead’s Basement Podcast, where she talks about her diabetes, pregnancy, and the struggle of family and band life. It is a very detailed interview, and I really hope everything will be okay.

However where does this leave The Bombpops? The band continued their tour with Remmington (the bands guitar tech) filling in. But Jen Rezavi has lost her song writing partner and her associated founder member. There are huge questions over whether the band will continue with a new member…

Post update: We have been happy to complete an interview with Jen Razavi in May 2023, linked here. In this interview Jen talks about her solo single “Saw in half” as well as the future of the Bombpops and the departure of long time friend Poli. The Bombpops continues! It’s a great interview, so head over and have a read.

Feature by your Editor, Benny “the ball” Benson.

By E.M.C Chambers

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