“See that my Grave is Kept Clean”

You’d have to go back to “Blind Lemon Jefferson” in the late 20s to get to the original of this one. He was a blind American bluesman who had a repertoire of spirituals and prison songs played in the style of the blues. Lead Belly, one of the magazine’s favourite blues artists, was heavily influenced by him, and this was one of his main tracks.

This version is a tribute to his late mother and was released on Mother’s Day. Working with St Louis’ finest vocalist Queen of Avant Soul – Candice Ivory, this track is dedicated to the Gator’s mother, who passed away at the age of 56, so she never had the opportunity to see him play music professionally.  


Turning to the single itself, it features The Gator on resonator guitar, Candice Avory on vocals, and Mike Gordon on percussion, and it is played in the most simple and haunting of forms. Behind the lamenting and powerful vocals, a distinctive sad Southern guitar is plucked, which just brings out the pain and emotion. The title says it all; it is a sad, mournful song that touches the soul.

The link to download is here.

Independent label release.

By Lorraine Foley

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