Sometimes, when I am doing the reviewing, I can’t believe that I haven’t come across a band before, as I really enjoy listening and want them to succeed. This is one of those days. The Klittens are really musical surrealists—a musical Paul Klee. They meander toward the avant-garde but can return to a Suzanna Hoffs solo-style confident pop rock breeze.

The Klittens are:

Yaël Dekker – lead vocals
Katja Kahana – guitar and backing vocals
Winnie Conradi – guitar and backing vocals
Michelle Geraerts – bass guitar and backing vocals
Laurie Zantinge – drums and backing vocals

Looking at the press for the band, The Klittens climbed out of the cracks of the fervent Amsterdam underground scene and onto some acclaimed stages. Mixing the catchiness of pop and fuzz with the darkness of art-rock and post-punk, they’ve crafted a sound that’s truly and twistedly their own. They are a buffet of sounds for sure

What initially began as an outlet for the group, both creatively and politically, mutated into more of a musical life mission for its members. Their DIY approach, from songwriting to booking shows and tour management, is what makes The Klittens the ragtag bunch of misfits they are.

Their first release landed last year, with their debut EP “Citrus” receiving international acclaim, solidifying their status through word of mouth as a band on the rise and opening the door to shows with acts such as Alex G and SASAMI, alongside a thrilling full tour with Otoboke Beaver, and their first UK headline dates earlier this year.

There is an upcoming UK tour, of which the full details lie below. It kicks off at the Windmill on the 25th, and you can get tickets for any of the shows at this link.

The single “Reading Material” comes from the EP “Butter,” which is to be released on March 8th. I couldn’t resist hearing it all through, and so I’m doing a general EP review with special attention to the single.

“Universal Experience” has been out for a few months and has this surreal (there is that word again!) video to go with it. It is whimsical rock and reminded me of Fairground Attraction around the time they were doing “Perfect.” It is a song built around these musical harmonies and Sunday brunch; its the cherry cream chocolate in the box.

“Atlas” is a change in direction; it moves me to the world of medieval troubadour and storytelling in 2024. It has a wide appeal and this rock/pop feel to it, which is why I mentioned Suzanna Hoffs at the start.

“Reading Material” takes us to the single. It is rhythmic pop punk—punk in the frame of Ian Dury, perhaps. It has a nutty taste, and I liked it. 

Winnie Conradi says of their latest single:

“This song was an attempt to uplift myself, and I am happy to say that it did. In these periods of fatigue, everything feels shallow—thoughts are short and emotions are stunned. These were the few notes and melodies I could come with while hearing the danceable beat that I had set the metronome to.”

The playful character of the song is reminiscent of an earlier release, ‘Herkenbosch’. This playfulness is a unifying character of their songs and can be attributed to their bedroom lo-fi approach to music writing.

Winnie: “I recorded the first version of Reading Material as a complete midi track in GarageBand, using the inbuilt midi drum pad and synthesizers. This gave it a warm and small feeling—a real bedroom song. In the studio, the challenge was how to maintain the warm sound using the band’s instruments. My favorite instrument is the bass guitar, so I hid a little bass solo in the end. I played it quite randomly on my laptop keyboard, but then Michelle had to translate it in the studio to real life. She did this exceptionally; it’s my favorite part of the song. Laurie may have had the greatest challenge, but she did a great job creating a warm, cute, but danceable drum sequence.”

“Traffic Light” opens with a drum sound and rougher vocals; there is more angst in this song as we touch on those bitter lemons in life! There are some darker scenarios in this one, and it asks if we are up for anything; maybe only the Klittens know!

“Eye Contact” returns us to a whimsier, balladic feel; it builds up the sound with the rhythm section giving a solid groove. 

This is not a new band finding their way. The Klittens are solidly on route and know exactly how to get there. I was listening to the EP, and this massive storm (80mph winds) was raging outside my little house, but the EP hit the groove nicely. The world needs more crazy avant-garde, and I think it needs more of The Klittens too! Look out for the EP, everybody and the tour should be great.

“Butter” will be available on limited white 10” vinyl and all major streaming platforms. The EP, limited to 300 copies, is now ready to pre-order through: 

The band will return for further UK shows in January on an all-Dutch line-up with their friends in Personal Trainer and Real Farmer as part of Independent Venue Week.

They have also announced an EP release show in Amsterdam for March, with the vinyl for “Butter” exclusively available in person from the band on the night.

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Review by Lorraine Foley

Catch the Klittens live on the following dates:


25th: The Windmill, London
26th: The Lanes, Bristol
27th: Cavern, Exeter
29th: The Arts Centre, Norwich
30th: The Horn, St Albans
31st, Junction 2, Cambridge


1st: The Crescent, York
2nd: Trades Club, Hebden Bridge
3rd: Sidney and Matilda, Sheffield


1st: EP launch show @ Cinetol, Amsterdam

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