This is a modern reworking of the track of the same name that came from the album “Dancing Under the Coyote Moon” by Wily Bo and the Baddies (2014). It was a solid example of rock Americana. This version teams Wily Bo Walker with Ed Brayshaw (who had previously teamed up for 2019’s “The Roads We Ride) and was released on all major platforms on Friday, 13th. Welcome to Vooderville! 

“Come on, like a new James Dean!” This is a Southern blues rocker, putting more of the blues into the mix. It has all the slick grooves and soaring guitar licks to go alongside a fine US whisky in a lonely southern bar. As you ride into the town on the way through the dust tracks, the storytelling narrative takes you into the dead man’s zone. After the initial storytelling, the song picks up to a faster swagger, and it has a danceable melody that you can sing along to. I played this back-to-back three times as I was writing the review, so you can tell I liked it! “You can kill someone’s sister for just one kiss!” 

This is a banger for Halloween. If you like great commercial leaning blues guitar, solid musicianship, a story and some dancing grooves, stream it now!

You can stream or download it here.

For those lovers of the season of mists (unsure about the mellow fruitfulness), this new single is taken off the upcoming album “Some People Kill for Passion” by Wily Bo Walker and E. D. Brayshaw, one of two new albums from that duo in 2024.


“Some people kill for passion,

Some murder for the love that they lose.”

By Benny (the Ball) Benson

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