At Rock the Joint Magazine, we have been following the progress of Wily Bo Walker recently with his upcoming Rattlin Bone Theatre Show. “Swamp” is the latest of these releases and sees Wily Bo with Karena K. We have Halloween on the way, and this swampy number is great for those Halloween nightmares. The devil is abroad here, and if we tell this story, the devil has a bag of bones in his pocket, and he is ready to cause a few problems. 

Wily Bo Walker has created a world for his music, stories, film storyboards and artistic vision in the cinematic, film noir landscape of VoodooVille. It is a world of funky rock n’blues, where you run from the zombies and play cards with the devil!

This track has its own enjoyable energy, with these little background vocals popping up to add melody and humour to the beat, a catchy chorus, and music delivered from the devil’s backyard.


This third single release is Wily Bo and Karena K’s take on the Talking Heads classic track “Swamp.”

As a production, Wily Bo Walker’s Rattlin Bones Theatre Show is a production that retains this distinctive New Orleans vibe, continuing to mix original tracks with classic covers, all with that wonderful blues vocal from the man himself.

The cover says a lot too! When you enter the world of Wily Bo, you enter this whole picture of his universe, one with all kinds of unspeakables living in the gloom! The fade-out to the track, as with the intro, is really interesting, and this again shows off the way that this whole project is just so exciting. I’m so looking forward to the whole album release, but this regular release of singles keeps the momentum going and gives fans something new to grab!

You can download it here:

The home page for Wily Bo is here

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By Stevie Ritson

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