Adele and Andy’s eagerly awaited follow-up to their ‘Scars’ album is set to be released on February 2, 2024. The multi-award-winning duo make no secret of their willingness to write from personal experiences, and this album is another honest insight into theirs and others they are attached to. The lyrics are thought-provoking, and their musical style is,in some cases,very different from previous material. The album is diverse both musically and lyrically, showing their versatility and unwillingness to fit into one genre.

They stream on Twitch three times a week, performing on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays at 8 p.m. GMT. Their performances are not to be missed, as they have played to audiences of up to 5,000 people there. 

Andy: We don’t write songs just for the hell of it. We write because either they mean something to us or because we know they mean something to those around us. We very much hope our music is authentic and real in terms of what we are trying to get over, and that is important.”

We did a feature on these guys a few months ago, when the album was in preparation, and so I was looking forward to listening to this, and it did not disappoint! As the country girl here at the magazine (I also cover the more pop end of things), this one came to my inbox, and I am here in the kitchen doing some deep-fried chicken, pen in hand and giving the speakers a blast! The only way to review it is to turn it up, baby!  Should anyone be interested, I handwrite review notes track-by-track, then write it all up afterward.

Onward to the review!

“Ghost of the Past” opens things up with a power country sound. We have the harmonica and Hammond skills of Dave Edmonds on this number, and there is a strong rhythm/drum sound underlying the track. It has all the storytelling elements of the songs that will follow; it refers to the pain of being left when someone you love has gone. What is the past bar “footprints in the snow?” I have to note the guitar play toward the back end of the song. I really liked that!

“Angels and Demons” is next up, the signature song for the album of the same name. The guitar cries as we enter this song. It is a story of loss, a piano ballad connecting to the album opener. Country music, for me, is storytelling at heart. It is a very fine song, with soaring lyrics lying over a very strong musical accompaniment. It’s a perfectly executed synthesis between music, vocal performance and country style.

“Life of Sin” comes next. You may have heard this one, as it was released as a single during the time we did the feature here. We loved it at the time; it’s country rock with an emphasis on the rock. The guitar kicks back and delivers some meaty riffs, while Adele shows she is a fine rock vocalist; she delivers a dirtier vocal that slips into the When Rivers Meet groove. I liked the line, “You be the light, I’ll be the gasoline.” It shows what we are doing well in the British music scene right now; they have to play this one live!

At this stage, I was getting really excited about the album!

“Can You Hear Me?” was a huge favourite of mine from this album, and it certainly does not disappoint. Adele and Andy said about this one,

“This is a story that actually came from a close friend of ours who just loves and lives life to the fullest. We extended the story to imagine a young boy sitting down with his grandfather and being told what life is all about.”

It has a lovely musical introduction, and then we enter the Confederate South with a lonely road and the cotton fields. The vocals are kicking country, but the musical side of this one is what got me excited. The harmony was bang on, and I was dancing around the kitchen (I kid you not).

“That Look in Your Eye” is a fun relationship song. The girl in the bar, the meeting…It’s entirely likeable, would make a good piece of radio, and it’s a traditional country groove. 

“Spread Your Wings” is a melodic ballad that is harmonic and touching. It again deals with loss with a mature sound and a well-executed guitar solo. 

“Why Did I Stay?” has this mournful harmonica sound, solid drums and is a thoughtful lyrical performance. The vocals carry the pain and touch the listener.

“Since the World Has Turned” is a swaying dance number with an Americana feel about it. I liked it; it’s entirely radio-friendly.

“Love is Simply the Best” is a story, and it gets serendipity into the lyrics, which has to be impressive! It’s a happy theme, “You turn my grey skies blue,” and I liked the track. It is screaming for some play on country radio.

“Cut Loose” takes me way out West. It sent me searching for those cowboy boots in the back cupboard, and I was only lacking the barn for a line dance! Lyrically, we are in a bar downing shots and dancing on the table, and why not?

“Back Then” is a slower track with a slower but solid vocal performance from Adele. I guess all reviewing is subjective, and this one was a decent album track, but it didn’t connect with me like many of the others.

“You Left Me Lonely” is an acoustic closer to the album. It reflects on a dying relationship—staying together when you probably shouldn’t. The guys commented:

“​​You Left Me Lonely describes what happens when one person in a relationship is fighting to save it and the other has simply given up and/or moved on.”

And, in summary, an album to be proud of. This is exactly what country rock should sound like in 2024. There is so much to like here, but the standout tracks for me are:

“Can You Hear Me,” “Life of Sin,” “Cut Loose,” and “Angels and Demons” 

Instant must-play.

Artist Website here

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By Lorraine Foley

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