Award-winning American singer-songwriter and guitarist Arielle will release her new studio album ‘73’ on April 20, 2023.
The new album is a sentiment of love and an ode to her personal 1973 Volkswagen Bay Window Bus, which Arielle lovingly refers to as Magick, and a celebration of its 50 years of existence.

 A self-proclaimed analog girl, it’s Arielle’s personal prerogative to keep the vintage vibes alive. Doting her retro Marshall full stacks, recording her tracks to tape, and playing her self-built customized guitar Two-Tone, rest assured, the 21st century isn’t quieting classic rock any time soon.

“The Dulcet” opens the album with an instrumental that has a certain royal swagger about it, it’s a short piece leading into –

“Somewhere Slow” – a wonderful piece of southern shuffle boogie straight out of the pagebook. It is music to put a smile on the hardest of faces and a really positive start to the album. It will head straight to my playlist as there is so much to like about it!

Arielle, photo by Kyle the Kid

“73” was the single from the album, and we actually reviewed it when it came out. I agree with Lorraine that it has this great blend of country and rock and this very confident style that oozes through the music. The first couple of numbers have been a great start to the album.

“Goes Without Saying,” has a softer sound, perhaps a little more Heart. The vocal harmony is lovely on this one.

“The Way You Look at Me” is a slight change of direction, but retains the smoother sound of the previous track. Arielle has a great singing voice, distinctive and radio friendly.

“Weakness for You” is a pleasing little number, guitar picking sound and a simple production that helps evoke a wistful feeling in the music. I would describe it as having a fresh sound, like a spring breeze.

“Kalypso” is an instrumental piece that seemingly links the different halves of the album. Arielle comments on this one “I have been trying to out-write my instrumental Take II for almost a decade. A taste of Jeff Beck and some funky grooves, this banger covers a ton of rock guitar ground.” 


“I Need an Angel” is one, I think, that would come over well live. Arielle again has these great vocals, and they drive the song forward, she describes it as “a desperate cry for help,” and it has the shadow of lament.

“I’ve talked to the stars, whispered to trees, I’ve cried to the wind to come and rescue me, But I’m still broken, so far from home, the truth still remains, I can’t save myself alone” (By Arielle, Kris Bergsnes, Brian O’Hanlon)

“That’s Just Lovely” makes great use of the guitar, and it returns to a rock sound. I liked the track, it delivered a strong chorus and some melodic hooks that would make it another must for a live set.

“The Other Side” maintains the upbeat pop rock feel, and it also has a great chorus and tempo. 

picture by Andrew McMeekin

“If” returns us to an acoustic guitar and a dreamy evening. It has this softness of style and you get the feeling listening to it that you are just there listening in person; it is intimate and personal, really one of the best on the album. Arielle says of this one, “This is a cover of one of my favorite songs of all time by David Gates from the band Bread. When the end of the world comes, I would still want to be loving you.” 

“Wherever we go from here” takes us to the box of memories. It has a solid rhythm section that brings the vocals to strength, and it closes the album on a high.

The production of this album was excellent, and the playing was top drawer. It is not for nothing that Brian May said of her: “Her musicianship is a clear indication she has been here before! Pass her by at your peril.”

Standout tracks: “73” and “Somewhere Slow.”

We should also mention that Arielle is touring the UK supporting “When Rivers Meet” (our interview with them is linked)  from April 20-May 27. 


Arielle – Vocals, Backing Vocals, Acoustic and Electric guitar, Synths, Percussion

Devin North – Bass Guitar

Michael Davila – Drums
Joe Listrom – Piano (songs 5+ 7)
Loren Gold- Piano (song 8)
Adam Peri- Hammond, Piano, Synths

Engineered by Brendon Sanders and Brett Marcom (The Bubble, Austin, TX)
Arielle (My Bedroom, The World)

Mixed by Kevin Shirley

Mix Assisted – Arielle, Syrannoh & Michael Davis
Mastered by Bob Ludwig

Her previous album, “Analog Girl” is still available on vinyl.

By Stevie Ritson

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