Cash & Carter is the side project of two incredibly talented songwriters in their own right: Birmingham artist Shaun Smith (aka Stealth) and successful London singer, writer, and producer Ross O’Reilly, who together possess an impressive collective stream count of over 100 million, a testament to their individual artistry and their ability to captivate audiences worldwide. Coming together to create Cash & Carter, they have forged a partnership that brings their individual strengths and influences into one harmonious blend. 

This is a dip into their music by us, serving as an introduction. They have one single out already, “All of the Way,” and on September 8, the new single “Americana (Letting Her Go) is out. I am listening to both and giving you the picture!

“All of the Way” is a foot-tapping number that moves into a lively chorus and a hands waving in the air lyrical beat. I love the singing voice; it’s kind of one of those sexy male voices that always do the business! I felt that the song, with its upbeat tempo and solid rhythm, was really enjoyable. It has slipped into my downloads now, and I enjoyed cooking with it playing (a nifty Greek salad for the hot weather)! I’m so glad that Benny passed this one over to me.

You can stream or download the single from here. 

The new single is “Americana” and this review goes out just before its release. This one is very different; it is a melancholic lament, and the subject matter is sad: losing a close friend to suicide.

This song encapsulates the range of emotions I experienced when faced with the aftermath of such a profound tragedy,” says Shaun from the band. “It serves as a reminder that even in the darkest of moments, while the person is no longer with you, their memory lives forever, which gives you some hope that you can find solace and carry on.”  

The band describes it as a challenging and beautifully moving song that manages to honour their memory and serve as a cathartic exploration of the grieving process following such a significant loss. “Americana” captures the essence of grief, resilience, and the journey towards healing.  

In my view, it is a stripped-down sound, plaintive and showing the pain. As a lament piece, the poetry within the lyrics does come through, and it is a wonderful tribute to the dear person who is no longer there. I find that when you lose someone, many of the tears are for yourself, and this track explores those connections between those of us left behind. 

So, one song made me feel so good, the other was lovely, but very sad!


We will definitely be covering more of this duo in the future, as I believe they are planning an EP. You will hear in the music that they are inspired by iconic acts such as The Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Steve Miller Band, Crosby Stills & Nash, and of course the legendary Johnny Cash and June Carter, Cash & Carter offer a refreshing and honest take on the genre. With their modern mix of UK country and flashes of traditional Americana, the duo have been hotly tipped for success.

Review by Lorraine Foley (and I look so good in the T-Shirt, above! One of ours lol,

I hope you check out Cash and Carter, and we have so much more in our magazine, from quizzes to features and reviews. Stay around a bit and explore!

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